Finding Love in Forgotten Cove (Island County Series Book 1) by Karice Bolton

Nothing like walking straight into the bedroom to see your fiancé in bed with another woman, but that’s okay. . . Tori’s a strong woman who didn’t need love in the first place. She’s above it all and can’t wait to go home to Fireweed Island to escape the drama for the summer. She’s thrilled to teach summer school and remodel her family home in peace and quiet. So why is it that if Tori is so over love, she notices the hot owner of the construction company? Okay, she doesn’t just notice him. She lets him sneak right into her fantasies where he does amazing things to her. It isn’t until Mason shows her how a real man is supposed to be that she allows herself to believe in love again. But will the pain from her past ever let her truly experience a happily-ever-after?——————-Back Cover Tori Aickens understands more than most what it feels like to lose the ones you love, but she also understands how to survive that kind of pain by leaving it all behind and never looking back. Unfortunately, while she’s busy never looking back, she walks straight ahead to find her fiancé cheating on her with a grin on his face.Tori decides to return to Fireweed Island to teach for the summer, but coming back to a place where ghosts lurk in even the happiest of memories makes her face the heartache of her past she’s done so well at leaving behind. It isn’t until Gabby introduces Mason Rhodes to her that she realizes kindness can exist in this overly brutal thing called life, and maybe not all men are meant to self-destruct, or she’s just been sniffing in too much ocean air.Either way, spending time with Mason on Fireweed Island leaves Tori questioning if the carefully constructed life she left behind in New York is one she even wants any longer. Mason is determined to break down Tori’s barriers, but she’s not sure she’s strong enough to let go of her past and imagine a future that risks her heart getting broken again, and she wonders if there’s such a thing as the right love at the wrong time…Fans of the Beyond Love Series will enjoy seeing old friends and reading about fresh characters in this carefully woven tale of love, heartache, and new beginnings.Island County SeriesFinding Love (Tori’s story)Love Redone (Natalie’s story)Tangled Love (Sophie’s story)Forever Love (Jewels’ story)Beyond Love SeriesBeyond Control (Gabby’s story)Beyond Doubt (Brandy’s story)Beyond Reason (Lily’s story)Beyond Intent (Gabby’s story)Beyond Chance (Brandy’s story)Beyond Promise (Lily’s story)Beyond the Mistletoe (Emily’s story)

Author: Karice Bolton

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
98 reviews

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