Fast Love: The Desire To Win Brings Them Together (Sports Love Series Book 2) by Carmen Lace

Kim Byrd has spent her young life chasing a dream. To be the best driver on the NASCAR circuit and win the Sprint Cup. She wasn’t about to let gender get in her way. With a network of support behind her Kim joins Terrebonne Motorsports as she moves closer to realizing her dream. Another family awaits Kim at the track in her crew of mechanics, which includes Petty Lotempeo. The two women clash but their team manager finds a way to create harmony between these two strong-willed women. Kim takes Petty driving to teach her what it feels like to be in a high performance vehicle. Petty is a lesbian and makes no excuses about it. Kim discovers that her feelings for men have never been genuine. They find common ground at the track and passion beyond. The Sprint Cup and their happiness together is within reach. Will they grasp it? >> read for free lesbian romance kindle unlimited

Author: Carmen Lace

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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