Dragon Thief by Marc Secchia and Joemel Requeza

Kal was not a thief. He certainly did not intend to steal any dragon’s treasure.

He was an adventurer. Avid art collector. Incurable wealth adjuster and risk-taker. Kal had legendary expertise in the security arrangements of palaces and noble houses the world over. He hankered for remote, craggy mountaintops and the dragon hoards he might find hidden beneath them. Besides, what harm was there in looking? Dragon gold was so … shiny.

Most especially, he was not planning for any treasure to steal him.

That was a little awkward, to say the least.

Author’s Note
Dragon Thief is a standalone novel set in an unforgettable world of powerful, majestic dragons, and follows the timeline of the bestselling dragon books Dragonfriend, The Pygmy Dragon and Aranya. Prepare to wing away to a world of deep dragon lore, magical landscapes and fiery adventure.

Content Advisory
YA and above. Recommended 16+ for some non-graphic adult banter and situations, mild and infrequent nudity. Reads at an ‘older’ level than Aranya or The Pygmy Dragon but is still a clean read in keeping with all of my books. Moderate battle violence.

Author: Marc Secchia and Joemel Requeza

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
91 reviews

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