Dollie by Julia Audrina Carrington

Abused by her mother and thrown out of the house as a child because she is a Christian, Dollie fully trusts God, is cared for by an elderly pastor and his wife and marries a godly man.

Shortly after their marriage, Dollie’s husband, Frank, is nearly killed by a drunk driver, which proves to be Dollie’s own mother. The accident puts Frank in a coma. Will he come out of the coma or is Dollie’s dream of marital bliss forever ruined?

Can she ever forgive her mother? How can she cope and keep from turning bitter? Will Dollie’s faith hold strong?

What does her mother’s letter mean? And what role does Carter, a new man at church, play in all of this?

Will Dollie be able to help a young girl find a good home for the girl’s baby that was a by-product of rape? What plans does God have for this baby? Read to find out!

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“Julia Carrington draws from the depth of her relationship with God to connect her readers to His heart and His voice. She knows the language of God and writes encouraging her readers to know His voice and follow Him.”–T.C.

“Thanks be to God. I read one of her books, which was very good. She is a Christian first and foremost, and an awesome writer. If you have never read one of her books, let me encourage you to do so. Amen.”–R.C.

We are so pleased to have writing for us our lovely author Julia Audrina Carrington, who is a best-selling international Christian author of many Christian books and Christian novels that are sold around the world. And we believe that this book and all her books are sure to bless, challenge, inspire, entertain and bring Christian value and Biblical truth. Julia specializes in Christian fiction, personal growth, kindle books, books, Christian suspense, Christian inspirational, romance, and a wide variety of books and topics. It is Julia’s desire to glorify God in all things.–God’s Glory Publishing House

Author: Julia Audrina Carrington

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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