Distress of Souls: Yet Trouble Came by Joseph Dulmage

Pain is real. Whether it’s physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual, suffering is a human condition, and its purpose is a human question.

In Distress of Souls, author Joseph Dulmage pulls from his years of experience as a prison chaplain to take a deep look at coping with pain and searching for meaning while in the midst of it.

Tackling difficult areas including addiction, alcoholism, divorce, suicide, backsliding, the death of children, and heaven, this remarkable resource presents a compassionate and biblical treatise on sorrow and anguish.

Dulmage divides the book into three parts titled “Distress of Souls,” “Divorce and Remarriage,” and “Approaching Adventure” to encourage Christians and non-Christians alike about what the Bible has to say about life’s troubles, the hope we can find within difficult times, and the reality of an actual heaven beyond the grave.

In the vein of Harold Kushner’s When Bad Things Happen to Good People, this extraordinary book shows how we can appeal to God for help in the midst of turmoil and seize those scriptures declaring that the Lord delivers us from them all.

Author: Joseph Dulmage

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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