Dirty Rocker by Alice May Ball

HIS VOICE IS HOT, DARK HONEY. HIS EYES ARE POOLS OF FIRE. HIS HANDS, OMG, HIS HANDS. AND THAT BODY – CAN I TAKE ALL OF THIS?“Hot Rock and soul”“Mythic, epic, massive chemistry”“Redefines the rockstar romance”When our eyes first meet, chemistry bubbles as hot as hell and when we touch it brims over. Bursts of lava pulse and gush inside me when we come together.But he’s a rockstar.This is just a summer love. Right?Everything in his life is epic. Especially the demon inside him. This can’t possibly last.Can it?READ THIS fast, hot, hard romance for NO cheating, gushes of kindle-melting action, and a dreamy happily ever after that you’re guaranteed you won’t see coming! Are you ready to burn?

Author: Alice May Ball

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
35 reviews

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