Dangerous Liaisons: The Backstreet Boy and the Royal Heiress (Royal Command Family Saga Book 1) by Sarah Stuart

Showbiz celebs hounded by the paparazzi. A Tudor queen’s command, I direct and beseech my heirs to find love where they may, drives her present-day descendants to break the bounds of marriage and the law with heart-breaking consequences.

Part One
In present-day Scotland, Lizzie Cameron, daughter of a wealthy laird, inherits a Book of Hours that belonged to Margaret Tudor, a 16th century queen, and her coded secrets seep into the 21st century. Michael, a backstreet boy from Leeds, with ambitions to escape the poverty trap with a successful career in the theatre, meets Lizzie, who has fallen out with her parents and tells him nothing of her home and background. Lizzie and Michael fall in love, but misunderstandings conspire to tear them apart.

Part Two
When Lizzie’s teenage daughter, Lisette, is given the Book of Hours, she decodes more secrets and follows its writer’s advice in her own inimitable way, with potentially disastrous consequences for herself and her family. Can the ultimate sin of loving too much, be forgiven?

Author: Sarah Stuart

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
86 reviews

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