Child Killer Maggie Young by James Falcon

Maggie Young’s case is relatively unknown today. In fact, even at the time, it did not seem to receive the attention that it perhaps deserved. This was undoubtedly, at least in part, due to the fact that Maggie and her young family lived in Hawaii. News travelled fast around the island, of course, but the mainland didn’t pay all that much attention. The story was covered in newspapers across the country, but after the story was first told on page ten or worse, reporters showed little interest. Almost none of them covered the story of what happened after Maggie’s arrest. Moreover, this is a case which took place more than fifty years ago now, in 1965. Believe it or not, this was a time when serial killers, true crime and murder mysteries didn’t receive as much attention as they do today. Take, for example, Casey Anthony: she has spawned a decade of public outrage which has seared itself onto America’s cultural consciousness. But Maggie Young didn’t, not way back in 1965. Hers was just another story.Just like Casey Anthony- and if anything, exactly like Andrea Yates- Maggie Young killed her own children.

Author: James Falcon

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