Casimir Bridge: A Science Fiction Technothriller (Anghazi Series Book 1) by Darren Beyer

Smart Science Fiction at its Best.”Beyer opens his series with a punch, establishing his prospective universe while simultaneously delivering sci-fi action. A chase sequence on Earth and an explosive confrontation on Eridani are exhilarating, but dirty politicking of the future proves most engrossing…”- Kirkus Reviews”I hadn’t read very far into Casimir Bridge, the debut novel from newcomer Darren Beyer, before I realized I’d just found my newest favorite sci-fi author.”- Book Pleasures ReviewA manned, interstellar survey ship has gone missing. A nuclear terror plot is thwarted just outside Washington, D.C. And it’s an election year.Mandisa “Mandi” Nkosi is a young reporter who, while on a trip to Johannesburg to connect with her roots, is contacted by an anonymous source with evidence that material seized from a nuclear terror plot will point squarely at one of humanity’s most important companies as the supplier. The source also unveils that the “evidence” against the company – Applied Interstellar Corporation (AIC), a science and technology behemoth with more corporate and political foes than can be counted – is a setup, and part of a plot to destroy AIC and gain control of its technological secrets. The deeper Mandi digs, the more of a target she becomes. What follows is a heart-pounding, unforgettable ride through the hallowed halls of big government, far-flung star systems, and the revelation of a conspiracy that runs so deep, Mandi’s life ”” and the future of humanity ”” are put at stake.Brimming with tantalizing futuristic technology, deep space adventure, and thrilling plot twists, Casimir Bridge is a nuanced, thought-provoking, and deeply human space opera that draws the reader in and never lets go.What you’ll find among the pages of Casimir Bridge:A thrilling, fast-paced story that spans two planets, four star systems, and crosses the depths of space.Realistic science fiction, true to the technology and science.Currently relevant undertones including corporate and political conspiracy, nuclear terror, money in politics.Rich characters, personal relationships, love and hate in a deeply believable science fiction settngJoin readers from around the globe in discovering the best new author to hit the science fiction scene.

Author: Darren Beyer

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
187 reviews

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