ADDANAC CITY Hard Time: The Legend of The Boll Weevil (Part 1) (ADDANAC CITY “Hard Time: The Legend of The Boll Weevil”) by George Ford

Rated PG-13The story begins in ADDANAC CITY in the year 2010. It also takes place in the year 1990.When diminutive dimwit, Hank Addanac, the town’s resident rapscallion, exhausts all resources when it comes to discovering the truth about his family history, he takes it upon himself to find the answers the only way he knows how:Time-TravelWhat begins as a simple trip to the past quickly escalates into action and intrigue filled with town secrets, a supervillain, and one lone savior who has the guts, nerve, and ambition to save ADDANAC CITY from despair and evil domination:The Boll WeevilCan the Boll Weevil defeat this pompous scourge of humanity? Will Hank ever discover the truth about his parents, or will his actions destroy his future?You can find out the answers for yourself in this special three-issue limited series, Hard Time: The Legend of the Boll Weevil.Hope you enjoy issue #1!

Author: George Ford

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Soup’s On!: 60 Super #Delish Soup Recipes (60 Super Recipes Book 27) by Rhonda Belle

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When temperatures drop, a warm bowl of hearty soup is just what the doctor ordered. The ultimate comfort food, soup brings joy to the heart and warms the soul. It’s simple to prepare, nutritious, economical, and works perfectly as a main dish served with warm bread or as an entree. Try these great recipes such as Liquid Autumn Soup, Shrimp & Corn Chowder or White Hot Chicken Stew. These soup recipes work miracles for those who are under the weather. Or just let your creation slow cook and simmer all day for a tasty, warm delight. Includes great tips for perfecting your next soup sensation. Enjoy & be well! (Twitter @SoDelishDish)

Tags: soup recipes, stew, comfort food, soup pot and ladle, soup can recipes, soup and bread bowl, creamy chicken noodle soup, slow cooking, Dutch oven soup mix, crockpot recipe, chowder 

Author: Rhonda Belle

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Becoming a Writer: Everything you need to know to get started as a writer for enjoyment and income. by Francesca Barvita

You will be introduced to the Barvita method of writing without frustration. Francesca Barvita teaches you how to use methods she has developed for use in this fast paced, grab it now life. It’s full of secrets, tips and tricks many of which have been long forgotten in the digital age as well as modern hacks for writing in the digital age. You will learn what teachers used to teach in classrooms, back in the days when any high school graduate could pick up a pen and be a writer with elegance and style. Suddenly, you will find ideas for writing everywhere you look and with your every thought process. You will learn how to manage and store those ideas so they will remain at your fingertips and be available to you when ever you need a topic to write about.Once available, the entire series takes you from finding ideas to marketing your work and choosing vendors to sell your intellectual property. Not only does it teach you about writing, it teaches about copyrighting and how to protect your property. If you like this book, you will love the others as they become available.As you read this book, jot down any questions you have about the writing process and send them to the email address found in the back of the book. Your questions will certainly be addressed either directly via email, either in an updated version of this book, or in the other books. We’ll be sure to let you know!This book series is a work in progress. It wasn’t going to publish it until all nineteen volumes were finished. However, the proof-readers begged to publish this volume as soon as possible. And so it is done. All who purchase Becoming a Writer will receive an update notice through Amazon as each book in the series is ready. When the series is complete, it will also be offered in a handy spiral bound textbook for easy use and references with reproducible pages and forms.

Author: Francesca Barvita

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Life Estranged by Trevor Booth

Nathan Pierce was leading a normal life, he had a loving wife and two beautiful children, he was a partner of a failing business but he was happy, then it all changed, everything he knew was flipped upside down.

In the first episode of The Constant, Nathan finds himself separated from his family, stuck in the middle ages. Not only does he have to survive in this savage age, he also has to find a way back to his family.

How far would you go to find your family? What would you be willing to do to protect them?

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Author: Trevor Booth

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Journal of a Stranger by Travis I. Sivart

Award winning author Travis I. Sivart penned the diary of a “fictional” character who threads himself through the author’s collective works, giving hints and peeks into other times and places. A thrilling and unique look into the private journal and the mind of THE time travelling adventurer, Jack Tucker. He gives his quirky and intriguing views on topics such as physics, poetry, ghosts, politics, and evolving individually and as a species, as well as tantalizing hints about the past, present, and future over 70,000 years of history. Fans reaction to Journal of a Stranger: So I finished the “Journal of a Stranger”. I noticed a few things in this wonderful work of fiction. First is the parts on what is reality and perception of the mind which is a constant theme in the book. Second is the human condition of selfish lazy behavior. The last part but also first in the entries is what social media/internet/technology has become compared to what it should be and how it hampers oneself and has made us slaves either wittingly or unwittingly. Everyone should go grab a copy to read and wrap your mind around. Your mind will be happier for it.Paul Pack, Amazon ReviewerThis author is quickly becoming a family favorite! Witty and though provoking, Sivart has inspired much discussion regarding his delightful characters and the scenarios surrounding the time traveling adventures of Jack. One of us loves the scientific aspects and well thought out descriptions while the other (myself) loves the whimsy and wonderful writing style that keeps you wanting more! We look forward to exploring more of his work and expounding on the newfound adventures from the mind of Travis Sivart! Michael C., Kindle Reviewer I loved this book! Travis has his own style for writing, and I find that enticing. You get to meet a lot of interesting characters and hear of some intriguing places and times. The perfect book to read when you want to escape this reality, and go to a place where civility thrives! I like that there is a lot of helpful advice for the new time traveler too! Melissa Trotter, Amazon Reviewer

Author: Travis I. Sivart

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Some Great Places To Visit In Greece by Jamie G.

When planning to travel to Greece, mainly we all think Athens, Corfu, Rhodes, Mykonos and Santorini. These are all beautiful and breathtaking destinations, but there are so many more places to visit and explore that are not very well known and are are less expensive, but still provide accommodations that are for highest expectations. We will take a short tour to some of these places as we turn the pages in this book. Happy travels!

Author: Jamie G.

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The Tidy Kitchen: A simple system for keeping your kitchen clean, organized and clutter-free (Declutter, Organize and Simplify) by Daria Foster

Praise for this book…
“A simple system that is saving me time and money. Very practical and easy to read.”

“Often, when I look at messes, I don’t know where to start. I found this book to be very helpful in giving me a game plan as to how I can keep my kitchen clean and organized. I don’t know of another resource quite like it.”

“Daria has a knack for taking the complex & overwhelming and making it simple. As I write this, I’m enjoying the benefits of my clean and organized kitchen and Daria helped me make that happen.”

In this edition of the Kindle Quickread series, Daria Foster shows us her simple system for keeping a kitchen clean, organized and clutter-free.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…
How can you make your kitchen the “heart of your home” again?
What is the quickest and most effective approach to removing dirt and grease from surfaces?
How can you keep a busy kitchen from becoming disorganized and cluttered?
What should you do if you initially feel overwhelmed by the mess in your kitchen?
What are the ideal times to clean a kitchen?
What are the best solutions to use to keep a kitchen clean and fresh-smelling?
Why is it important to keep a kitchen clean, not only for appearance sake, but also for your health and the health of your family?

Author: Daria Foster

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One More Page: A Fiction Sampler with Bonus Writing Advice from 17 Successful Novelists by Marilyn Brant

With the unbeatable combination of both compelling fiction and great insight on the writer’s journey, these award-winning and bestselling authors of the Girlfriends Book Club join together to bring you ONE MORE PAGE!

Enjoy 17 excerpts of outstanding fiction by authors Christa Allan (All They Want for Christmas), Judith Arnold (Changes), Marilyn Brant (The Road to You), Sylvie Fox (The Good Enough Husband), Jenny Gardiner (Something in the Heir), Maria Geraci (That Thing You Do), Tonya Kappes (Checkered Crime), Leslie Langtry (Merit Badge Murder), Leslie Lehr (Wife Goes On), Maggie Marr (One Night for Love), Ellen Meister (Dorothy Parker Drank Here), Ellyn Oaksmith (50 Acts of Kindness), Jess Riley (Mandatory Release), Saralee Rosenberg (Dear Neighbor, Drop Dead), Sara Rosett (Elusive), Wendy Tokunaga (His Wife and Daughters), and L.J. Wilson (Ruby Ink).

Also included in this book as a *special bonus* are 34 of the GBC’s most popular blog posts on the subject of writing craft and the writing life, which you won’t want to miss. So pick up this sampler, sit back, and get drawn into a wonderful world of unputdownable essays & stories!

Author: Marilyn Brant

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Heart Attack and Its Management: A Book on Cardiac Emergency by de Luna, Paolo Jose

Chest pain is nothing new since it’s a common complaint made by various people. It can come from a sudden bout of fullness after a heavy meal, but it can also come from trauma or from a respiratory disease like pneumonia. But when chest pain settles in that’s excruciating and unbearable, along with difficulty of breathing and an extreme case of sweating, then you know there’s something wrong here.
Heart attack or myocardial infarction, as it is termed in the healthcare setting, is a condition wherein the heart doesn’t get a sufficient amount of oxygen to support its consistent function. This is often due to the constriction of the coronary arteries, the tiny arteries that provide blood supply to the heart muscles, or a clog in the coronary arteries. When this happens, the heart doesn’t get its supply of oxygen and the heart muscles can get damaged. It only takes a few minutes for the heart to survive without oxygen and in about a mere 3-5 minutes, the heart can get sustain damage called “ischemia”.
The heart can only go for so long without oxygen. Oftentimes, those who sustain a prolonged heart attack or myocardial infarction are left with irreversible cardiac damage that may show as signs and symptoms like easy fatigability, abnormal heart rhythms, a faster or slower heart rate, and a radiating chest pain. With these alarming signs and symptoms, going to the emergency room is important and that time for medical interventions should not be delayed.
A heart attack is not that difficult to identify as a crushing and excruciating chest pain that is often described as a vise gripping the heart or as an elephant sitting down on one’s chest. However, there are some cases of heart attacks that may be undetected or not even felt by the person having the heart attack. These “silent” heart attacks are considered deadlier since they can display no obvious signs and symptoms, but still continue causing extensive damage to the heart by delaying medical intervention. A great deal of knowledge, skill, and care is required when it comes to dealing with heart attacks, but composure is also a key factor when it comes to handling a heart attack.
In this book, we’ll be talking about heart attacks or myocardial infarctions, everything about it, including the signs and symptoms of heart attacks, the diagnostic tests used to identify a myocardial infarction, the management for a heart attack, and even the emergency management and the things you should if you see someone having a heart attack or experience a heart attack yourself.
Are you ready to challenge yourself and tackle one of the greatest medical emergencies in the world? Sit back and read on to know more about Heart Attack and its Management.

Author: de Luna, Paolo Jose

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews