An Inspiration of Love: Western Romance by Wealth Publishing

Description : A Bride hunts LoveJess is devastated when her father dies, leaving her alone on a ranch she doesn’t know how to run. Ranching is hard work for a young woman. She tries to hire ranch hands but the Civil War is in full flow, all she ends up with is an aged Mexican and his granddaughter. Faced with a murderous neighbour, horrendous weather and stampeding cattle she realises she is no longer able to cope. The only answer: to find a husband. When Jess realises there are no eligible men in the East due to the raging war, she takes drastic action.She decided to go west and looking for a man who help maintain her ranch. Does she finds him? And Does he deals with her? Finally, she will maintain her ranch or not.Description : Texas LoveAT THE TENDER AGE OF NINETEEN, MARIE TURNER WAS FORCED TO LEAVE THE HOME OF HER PARENTS. SHE COULD NO LONGER ENDURE THE ABUSE FORCED UPON HER BY A ONCE-BELOVED UNCLE. TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE, MARIE DIDN’T WANT TO TELL HER PARENTS WHAT WAS GOING ON. IT WOULD BREAK HER MOTHER’S HEART AND SHE WAS UNABLE TO DO SUCH A THING. INSTEAD, SHE GOES TO STAY WITH HER FRIEND MAGGIE, WHO CONVINCES HER TO GO TO CHURCH. MARIE IS RESISTANT AT FIRST, BUT EVENTUALLY AGREES. DOUGLAS WEAVER IS A CATTLE RANCHER IN EL PASO, TEXAS WHO HAS PLACED AN AD FOR A BRIDE IN SEVERAL CHURCH BULLETINS BACK EAST. WHEN HE RECEIVES A LETTER FROM MARIE, HE KNOWS SHE’S THE ONE GOD HAS LED TO HIM. MARIE FEELS A KINSHIP FOR DOUGLAS AND AGREES TO HIS MARRIAGE PROPOSAL. THE MOMENT SHE MEETS HIM IN PERSON, SHE KNOWS THIS WAS MEANT TO BE. THEY SEEM TO BE A HAPPY COUPLE, BUT SHE SOON WONDERS IF SHE SHOULD TELL HIM WHY SHE DECIDED TO LEAVE CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA. WOULD HE THINK LESS OF HER? THEN HER PAST COMES CALLING, AND SHE’S FORCED TO MAKE A DECISION. WILL HE DEFEND HER AND ALLOW HER TO STAY, OR WILL HE FEEL SHE DECEIVED HIM AND SEND HER AWAY? READ FREE with KINDLE UNLIMITEDDownload your copy today! This is a standalone short story with a HEA ending.

Author: Wealth Publishing

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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