Abraham, Moses and Elohim by Kerry Barger

Just released in September 2015, this book attempts to answer the question: “Does God exist?” And if so, “Who or what is He?”

Pick almost any random handful of people and pose this question for debate. In all likelihood, there will be those who choose to debate that He does and others who will insist He does not. Such debates have been going on probably as long as mankind has existed. The essence of any debate on this matter is in defining who or what God is.

If the same group of people are asked whether or not there is a force or set of forces in the universe which have acted upon it to create life, in all its forms and complexities, there would be no debate. To say that such a force does not exist would be absurd. The question that follows then becomes who or what created life itself?

Whether or not we continue to exist as a species is simply a matter of faith. A single cosmic catastrophic event could destroy all life on Earth in an instant. Only a God who can control time and space can save us. There is only one who can do so.

Author: Kerry Barger

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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