A Survivor Remembers the Holocaust: The Amazing True Story of Leon Sperling by Marc Garrett

Disclaimer. This is not a book, but rather a 10 page narrative, told to me by a very special man, of perhaps the most riveting, emotional, and courageous account of escaping certain death from the hands of a highly civilized and advanced race of people inexhaustibly determined to exterminate him, 14 year old boy, and his entire race. It is placed here at the Amazon minimum which I wish was zero, simply to tell his story, and remind future generations of the humanity and inhumanity we as a people are capable of, and the hope that each day, we choose the former. Please download and read, and if it doesn’t leave you a better person, a changed person, with a need to share it with a loved one, please simply hit refund.

Author: Marc Garrett

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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