Minimalist Living: The Minimalist Guide To Simple Living – Declutter Your Home To Organize, Reduce Stress & Improve Your Quality Of Life Through Minimalism (decluttering, happiness, simplicity) by Linda Green

Minimalist LivingStart Your Journey Now And Download This Great Book Today! Available To Read On Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad or Tablet!The average american spends $6997 every year on consumer goods.Are they really buying things they need or are they just trying to fill a void?In reality we don’t need all this stuff. Think about how much money could we spend on meaningful things?With all that extra money in your pocket you could…Travel to 5 different exotic countries each year you have never been to before! Go sky divingSave 10 children’s lifesTake a Muay Thai course or a dancing classGo on unforgettable adventuresWork less to spend more time with your friends & familyAnd everything else you ever dreamt of doingMinimalism is not for everyone though. It requires discipline and an open mind. Living a minimalist lifestyle means getting out of your comfort zone and taking action. Many people are overwhelmed with all the things going on in their lives and cannot seem to to find a clear path to getting started. This book is a practical guide that provides you with step by step instructions on how to declutter your home, office, computer, smartphone and ultimately your mind in less than A DAY. This is the book I wish I had when I first started on the minimalist journey and it probably would have saved me more than $5000.Here Is A Preview Of What’s Included…What are the principles of minimalism? How to achieve minimalism at homeDecluttering your home room by roomIntegrating minimalism into your workWays to maintain minimalism over timeMinimalist travellingIncreasing your self-confidence with minimalismMuch, Much More!By the time you finished reading this book, you should have a good understanding of a minimalist lifestyle. You will be able to declutter your home within a few days, to live a more meaningful, healthier and happier life! The amount of abundance and appreciation for the little things you have in your life will bring back the child like spirit within you.Join thousands of others that are travelling light, and living heavy! If all this book did was help you save $50 per month, would it be worth it to you?Get your copy today for only $0.99 – Price will increase soon!Tags: minimalist living, minimalism, living minimally, spirituality, declutter your home, decluttering, self-help, happiness, freedom, simplify, reduce stress, simple living,

Author: Linda Green

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
5 reviews

Breathe: The Astral Trilogy Book One by Tracey E. Chambers

When Bethany starts hearing disembodied voices and seeing things that disappear before her eyes, she’s afraid her tenuous grip on reality is slipping. Being a teenager is hard enough, but if you are freak and an outcast it feels impossible. Bethany dreams of escaping Fort Grange, but she has other secrets to hide…

“What do you think you are doing in that car you little whore?” he yelled from across the yard.
Bethany froze in her seat as he approached the car. Then, the expression on her face instantly became blank. She unlocked the car door and started to walk across the yard completely unfazed as he spewed curse words at her… My hands gripped the steering wheel tightly as I pulled away from her house. Now, I knew who was hurting Bethany

Bethany’s only choice to cope with her hellish home life is to push the world away, even the hot new guy in town that won’t seem to take a hint…

“Is this seat taken?”
I flashed my best grin. She wasn’t impressed.
“Look Logan, there are ten other tables you can sit at and I have a ton of make-up work to do,” she huffed.
Dismissing me, she looked back down at her book. I stood there for a good ten seconds, but she refused to acknowledge me. I was not going walk away from her so I cleared my throat and tried again,
She signed theatrically and tore her gaze away from her book to glare at me.
“If I promise to miss you, will you go away?”

Logan is irresistibly drawn to her and won’t take no for an answer. Despite all her efforts to keep him outside her carefully constructed walls, Logan forces his way into her insane world. He’s determined to heal her fragile heart…

He moved his hand up from my chin to cradle my face as he pulled me half onto his chest with his other arm. He anchored me to him tightly and tilted my face still closer to his. He gave me one more second to pull away before he closed the last inch between us. My first kiss was exquisitely gentle and sweet. Logan’s lips lingered on mine for several seconds before he drew just far enough away from me to put a couple of inches between us. I could feel his breath on my face. My eyes had adjusted to the darkness enough to make out his features. His eyes were locked onto mine, silently asking for permission to kiss me again.

She can never let him know just how bad it is at home. With Logan’s support Bethany can begin to heal but Logan has his own secrets to hide. Can they learn to trust each other enough to take a chance on love? Or will their secrets destroy them both?

Author: Tracey E. Chambers

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
5 reviews