The Longevity Revolution: Thalasso Therapy by Antoinette Marquez

Thalasso Therapy is a unique anti-aging strategy that leads to the Art of aging WELL. Thalasso therapy takes us to the ocean so we can get our vitamin Sea. The Longevity Revolution teaches you a new way to sustain beauty and preserve youth. Calorie resticiton mimicking comes to life with Thalasso therapy. Learn how you can bring Thalasso therapy into your life for the sake of aging WELL.

Author: Antoinette Marquez

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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Wouldn’t It Be Good? by Poppy Galbraith

At fourteen Stephanie Morgan was convinced she was going to marry Nik Kershaw. At fifteen she was pregnant by the school look-a-like and fairly sure the man himself wouldn’t be interested any more.

Fast forward thirty years. Stephanie Morgan is now Stephanie Brooks, married to a man who, if not exactly the pop star of her dreams, has been happy to bring up a child from a teenage one night stand. They have an average house, average jobs and the average amount of annual holidays. And that’s the problem. While her husband, Simon, loves their cosy life together, Stephanie is sick of average. If only she hadn’t got pregnant all those years ago. If only she’d made different choices – what then? Would her distinctly average existence have become a life less ordinary?

After a chance meeting with a mysterious old gypsy on holiday in Spain, she’s about to find out. And whichever life she ends up with, it will never be the same again…

Think ‘Peggy Sue Got Married’ meets ‘Life on Mars’, WOULDN’T IT BE GOOD is the new novel from the author of Coffee Flavoured Kisses, perfect for fans of Alexandra Potter and Ali McNamara, or anyone who loves a laugh-out-loud rom-com with a time travelling twist.

Author: Poppy Galbraith

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Computer Curious: Stories and lessons from the dawn of the digital age in africa by Marc Maxmeister

Back in the early 2000s, before Facebook existed, before Google was a verb, African youths were flocking to the Internet. I trekked across Gambia, Senegal, and Ghana in search of what drew them to the Internet. After visits to 30 schools and hundreds of Interviews, I discovered that curiosity and a drive to create in a culture where education stifles creativity was the deeper reason behind the allure of the Internet.

In this book I focus on why and how computer culture evolved in Africa, and wrap it in my own adventures of exotic discomfort on the open road, ill-conceived conceits to bring Internet to remote villages, rocket yams in the name of science, wandering through a refugee camp to deliver a letter, hobnobbing with power mongers in the capitol, and generally seeing how education can foster creativity. Computers are a powerful enabler for creativity, and their novelty in Africa unleashed a lot of great minds.

These stories also illustrate the twisted fate of “development work.” It illustrates the good that a Peace Corps Volunteer and Fulbright Researcher can do in Africa, and offers cautionary tales of ignorant people who try too hard to help without listening to the people they aim to serve. These stories from the dawn of the computer age in Africa offer poignant lessons on how we can tell the difference – and it’s time we learned how. I hope this book inspires and instructs others who started out as naive as I was, but are willing to work with others to build a brighter, more creative world.

Author: Marc Maxmeister

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Crochet for Beginners: How to Learn to Crochet in a Few Hours by Anna Audley

Discover How to Learn to Crochet in a Few Hours
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• Methods for working with a needle: knitting, mesh, weaving, curving, interlacing, tying – have been called by numerous names all through history.
• Incorporating needle-curling, knotless mesh, cross-knit circling, circled needle-netting, vatsom, coptic knitting, naalebinding, Tunisian crochet, tambour, needle trim, ribbon making, tatting, macrame, sprang and shepherd’s knitting.
• Much, much more!

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Author: Anna Audley

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Something of the Night by Paul Cave

For years scientists had warned about the real possibility of a global strike from outer space: a global killer. Mathematicians had calculated that once in approximately every sixty million years the Earth has been hit by a meteorite of such proportions it drastically changes our climate, plunging the world into a decade of nuclear winters.

In a post-apocalyptic world in which the sun has been replaced by near-darkness, the few remaining survivors have been forced underground to protect themselves from the evil predators that roam the surface above. Something else is out there, in the darkness, humanlike, but without a soul. Something that speaks intelligently, plans with cunning meticulousness and, just like its cousin, this new breed likes to hunt. Not the pitiful, scrawny livestock and wild animals that cling to life on the barren surface above.

No, this new breed hunts for something far more rewarding – US!

Author: Paul Cave

Rating: Rating: 3.80 / 5
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‘ASSASSIN 4 – FIRST SON’ (Assassin Series) by Bryan Murray

When Arab terrorists kidnap the only sons of the US President and Vice-President during a University ski trip to Italy, they threaten to behead them within seven days unless the Americans release their leader who is currently being held in the Guantanamo Detention Camp in Cuba.
The two political leaders then face a major problem in view of the accepted US policy of refusing to negotiate with terrorists, but knowing that their sons will surely die unless they meet the terrorist’s demands. Consequently, the President calls in his top, undercover security specialists, Jake Harrigan, an ex-CIA ‘black-ops’ assassin and his partner, ex-FBI Agent Sarah Schaumberg.
With the clock already ticking, their mission is to rescue the boys before the execution deadline as they quickly head over to Italy to try and pick up the cold trail, not realizing that the kidnapping was just the violent beginning of a confusing, world-shattering conspiracy.

Author: Bryan Murray

Rating: Rating: 3.80 / 5
4 reviews

Self-Disclosure: Being Bi-Gender and My Journey by Clinton Rusthoven

This is a true story of a biological male who came from much adversity at birth. His quest to fit into society because of his gender non-conformity made life a struggle but interesting. Take a journey with this author from sandy coasts to rugged mountains. This is definitely not your ordinary autobiography by revealing only accomplishments; this true story has much self-reflection with as much honesty as a publisher will allow. This autobiography will read as though it’s fiction at times, but don’t be fooled! All is real and raw.

Author: Clinton Rusthoven

Rating: Rating: 4.00 / 5
4 reviews