50 Ways To Motivate Yourself In 50 Minutes: Discover 50 Motivational Hacks To Build Self-Discipline, Achieve Your Goals And Get What You Want (Positive … Confidence Hacks and Become Unstoppable) by Riley Stevens

Discover 50 Motivational Hacks To Build Self-Discipline, Achieve Your Goals And Get What You Want Right Now!

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You’re about to discover 50 proven steps and strategies on how to be able to motivate yourself no matter what your circumstances are. If you find that you just can’t bring yourself to go through the necessary actions, then you more than likely lack the motivation. Motivation is something that isn’t simply found. You have to make it happen!

You’ve fallen into a rut. You are struggling to find the motivation to get the things done. Meanwhile, the list of things not getting accomplished grows and grows. You look at all this and simply push it aside until later. However, what happens when you don’t feel like doing it later? In this book, I’m going to provide you with some practical ways to drive yourself to do what needs to be done and go much further. So, if you have a motivation problem, look no further!

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Motivating Yourself in the MorningMotivating Yourself When You Don’t Have Much EnergyMotivational Hacks When You Feel OverwhelmedHacks to Build Self-DisciplineHacks for Getting Yourself GoingHacks for Creating Personal SuccessBuilding a More Motivated and Successful YouMuch, much more!

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Author: Riley Stevens

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The Survivors, Book II: After The Attack by Randy Hill

Two years after their Redoubt was almost destroyed by Raiders, the Survivors are confronted by a new and more powerful enemy.
This new enemy threatens to overwhelm every Survivor enclave in the region, and Redoubt Ginger is their first target.
As this ruthless enemy closes in, the Survivors receive assistance from an unexpected and sometimes unwelcome source: Green Berets.
Book II continues the adventures of The Survivors, the Advisor and his militia as they battle to save their Redoubt.

Author: Randy Hill

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Lost in the Telling by Harold Whit Williams

The poems that make up Lost in the Telling present a scene change from the southern gothic narratives of Williams’ previous collections. These surreal little poems, most of them looser in form, explore dreams (both the day and night variety) and those worlds in which they are set. The would-be rock and roller longing for his suburban home, for peace and quiet in the day-to-day. Or the middle-aged office worker reminiscing over his past life—its smoky, blurry late nights on the road, its backstages and broken-down vans, its overdriven guitars and hangover cures. But more than being just a journal of dreams (a well-mined theme for poets since time immemorial), Lost in the Telling strives to translate these hazy hallucinations, and then inform the reader/fellow traveler of what he or she has seen, and of just what might be waiting around the next highway bend.

Author: Harold Whit Williams

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5 reviews

William Orr and Jennie Adams: Lawrence and Jasper County Missouri Families by Elaine L. Orr

The Orr and related families (Adams, Campbell, Shirley, Mitchell and more) came largely to Southwest Missouri (though some went to Indiana and Pennsylvania), and many thousands are spread across the U.S. and in Canada and Australia. A more extensive book focused on all descendants (or the 2,400 who could be found) of Paul Orr and Isabelle Boyd. This books hones in on one part of the family and the many families they married into in Southwest Missouri.

Thinking of rural counties brings farms to mind, but every town breeds dozens of professions. Orrs have been furniture makers, millers, grocers, insurance agents, undertakers, teachers and, of course, farmers.

This book has information on four generations, which takes some branches of the family into the mid-twentieth century. There are also links to useful sites (U.S. and Irish) throughout the book and in the Sources section. At the end are brief discussions on the Cherry, Beck, Toliver, and Wilson families of Lawrence and Jasper Counties.

In Ireland, the Orr and related families were in Aghadowey, which is near Coleraine in Londonderry. There are links to some churches there, and to Bann Valley genealogy sites.

Author: Elaine L. Orr

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What Are the Gates of Hell? by Dr E C Fulcher Jr

In Matthew 16:18 Jesus said, “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” So what are the gates of hell? In his booklet I allow the scripture to interpret scripture and prove what the gates of hell are. This book has been requested around the world and is a must have for your library!

Author: Dr E C Fulcher Jr

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5 reviews

Anomalous Magnetic Moment: Source and Explanation by Richard Lighthouse

This short technical paper explains the anomalous magnetic moment for all elementary particles and composite particles (such as the proton). The special case regarding the
Muon anomaly is addressed. It also presents a summary of the issues in accurately measuring the magnetic dipole moment for elementary particles. The explanation provided involves simple math and probabilities. It is not complex, such as Yang-Mills and related theories. In summary, there is no anomaly. The measurement of the magnetic moment is a time-averaged value for 16 different particles. Areas for further research are suggested.

Author: Richard Lighthouse

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5 reviews

Teddy the Talking Cat by Tony A. Smith

Meet Teddy the Talking Cat! Teddy will show you how he likes to play. He’ll show you some of his favorite toys like his mouse with the cute little nose and of course his favorite pink string. You will get to see him at his birthday party with his beautiful cake and party hat that his moma made him wear. You will find out just how much cats like to sleep and why they need those extra long whiskers. You will fall in love with this adorable little boy as he talks and talks and talks and talks some more. You will be glad you met “Teddy the Talking Cat.” Little boy Teddy will have you laughing and smiling all the way through. No day is ever a bad day for Teddy! Whenever he can talk it’s considered a good day, which is every day!

Author: Tony A. Smith

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews