In 1931, army veteran Cyprus Gables begins a daring bank robbery spree unlike anything ever seen in Florida before or since. The 29 year old former soldier and hisbbc pregnant, southern belle girlfriend brazenly blast their way to stolen wealth, while freeing poor ‘Depression era’ families from stifling, bank approved debt at the same time. Florida’s governor, lawmen and angry lynch mobs throughout the ‘Sunshine State’ want desperately to bring the wanted interacial crime couple to jsutice at all costs before they skip state lines. Will they go on to enjoy a life of wealth and freedom. Beyond the border or go in a blaze of Tommy gun glory?”


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Drawing ZenDoodle: How to sketch amazing zendoodle animals (Doodle Art Book 1) by Carrie Layton

Drawing ZenDoodle
How to sketch amazing zendoodle animals
Figuring out how to draw is one of those abilities that you never lose once you have completely built up the aptitude. It is similar to riding a bicycle or notwithstanding playing a musical instrument. Of course, you may get corroded in the event that you don’t utilize the ability for some time, however you can rapidly lift it go down once more. On the off chance that you are searching for an awesome blessing to give somebody exceptional in your life, you can give them the capacity to draw practical animals, and they can draw upon this aptitude for whatever is left of their lives.
Why might you figure out how to draw, and not paint, model mud, or another work of art? Straightforward: figuring out how to draw is simple, and knowing how to draw gives you an extremely strong base to take in other workmanship disciplines from.
Drawing is your passage fine art. Or if nothing else, it can be. For some individuals drawing without anyone else is more than agreeable. Regardless of whether this applies to you is for you to discover, however there can be undoubtedly figuring out how to draw will be an incredible beginning stage.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:
Chapter 1 – How to draw a butterfly
Chapter 2 – How to draw a cat
Chapter 3 – How to draw a bear
Chapter 4 – How to draw a bird
Chapter 5 – How to draw doodle cat
and much more

Download your copy of “Drawing ZenDoodle” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

Author: Carrie Layton

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WHEN WALLS TALK: Why Women Kill by Alexa Keating

Why do women, the nurturers who typically encourage and support their loved ones suddenly become killers? For some, it is not sudden; it is the last stop before their own murder. For many, the reasons lie squarely within the confines of greed, jealously and rage.

‘When Walls Talk’ begins at the gates of the Ohio Reformatory for Women where Lauren, an Investigative Journalist, was assigned to complete a newspaper series titled, ‘Why Women Kill.’ It provides up close and personal details about the thoughts and actions behind 5 different murders, as related by the women who committed them. There is both horror and gore and details that can only be repulsive, and there is the human side of people who appear to have made inhumane choices.

There is a trail of broken dreams and little hope in the lives of the people who arrive at the prison gates. Indeed, it is a broken road that leads to those towering fences with rolls of barbed wire and the slamming of those gates.

Author: Alexa Keating

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5 reviews

The Complete Book of Inspirational Quotations: A Collection of Quotes Designed to Inspire and Motivate by Emilee Day

How To Be Inspired Every Single Day To Do Your Best, Achieve Massive Success & Live a Flourishing Life.

Even the most motivated people who have accomplished massive success can feel a little unmotivated sometimes. Sometimes, you face things out of your control and it seems like life will never change in a positive way.

The truth is that unless you change your perspective, making real change in your life can be difficult. And to change your perspective you need to get your daily dose of inspiration.

And that’s what this book is all about: To inspire you every single day and bring the best out of you.

With more than 400 pages of the BEST inspirational quotes from the brightest minds, you will have an inspiration dosage every day for years to come!

Here Is A Short Preview Of What’s Included In This Life Changing Book:

One Of The Biggest Collections Of Inspirational Quotes In Existence

The Best Inspirational Quotes On Over 40+ Different Categories

Popular Quotes About Leadership, Education, Happiness, Parenting, Relationships

Endless Life Changing Wisdom To Supercharge Your Success & Take Charge Of Your Life

Much, Much More!

Now you have a chance to achieve your goals by staying inspired all the time!
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Author: Emilee Day

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Three Teeth and a Toenail by Elaine Littau

Three Teeth and a Toenail is a collection of events in the life of the author and her family. While most people live through such things and don’t care to reflect on them, Elaine sees the humor in almost everything.This is the book family and friends have been waiting for her to write. Those who enjoy her humorous speeches as well as anyone who loves good, clean humor will want this enjoyable read.

Author: Elaine Littau

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The Voice of Willie Morgan by Tom Winton

You would think Robert Morgan has it made. If you’re into success and wealth, toys and excess, he’d be your hero. Not yet forty, he is by far the youngest CEO in Amalgamated Petroleum’s long illustrious history, and he’s also Big Oil’s go-to-guy. He has a penthouse in Manhattan, a sprawling estate in Westport (complete with helipad), and a six-bedroom summer “cottage” in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Not too shabby for a kid who grew up in a hard-knocks section of Queens, New York.

But lately something has been eating at Robert—something even his wife Paige doesn’t know about—something called truth. For quite some time he’s been publicly denying the ill effects his industry has had on the planet and it’s finally getting to him. But that’s not all that’s weighing on him. He’s also being haunted by the gravelly voice of his rough-around-the-edges, long-dead father. The old man is continually lambasting him for his lies, and it’s driving Robert to the brink of madness.

Author: Tom Winton

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5 reviews

How Big Ears Lost His Whiskers by Betty Mackey

How Big Ears Lost His Whiskers. Sally, like many preschoolers, has a favorite toy. Hers is a stuffed bunny with pink and gray ears, but he got lost yesterday. Sally struggles with her sad feelings until she learns how a person can find something that has been lost, with a special technique. Luckily for her, lots of friends and family join her in the long search and are surprised when they find that Big Ears has had a great adventure. This story is most appropriate for kids aged 3 to 6. Everyone will enjoy the fun and details in Betsy West’s colorful illustrations. This book is meant to teach about cooperation and how to find something that was lost. It is best viewed on Kindle Fire and on other screens that show the rich color.

Author: Betty Mackey

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5 reviews

Daddy, What’s the Middle Class? by Pat LaMarche

We’re rewriting history. This time we’re telling the truth.

“Daddy, What’s the Middle Class” is a series of heart warming – often tragic – tales of unacknowledged greatness. Because few of us actually learned how the middle class invented itself, you won’t recognize most of the names, dates and places in this unconventional history book.

These stories will stick in your mind, inspire you to honor the legacy of forgotten heroes, and encourage you to do your part to restore the middle class.

Author: Pat LaMarche

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews