How To Build The Life You Want by Derek William Lowe

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to be happier, more successful and get everything you want in your life? The answer to this is much more simple than you may think. It lies in understanding how to view life in the right way and use the power of your mind in getting to where you want to be. This book is a simple, practical, step-by-step guide which will give you the knowledge, power and understanding of how all of these things can be achieved. This book will show you how to build exactly the right life for you.

Author: Derek William Lowe

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The Holy Book of Drinks: 9K + Drinks Recipes by Charlies Inc.

Yes… More than 9000 drinks recipes now available in single book. Its a ultimate ‘The Holy Book of Drinks’.
In this book we covered categories like Cocktails, Shots & Shooters, Other Drinks, Alize®, cognac, Non-Alcoholic, Punches, Beer / Ale, Crown Royal®, Canadian whisky, Liqueurs, amaretto almond, liqueur, Coffee / Tea, Tia Maria®, coffee liqueur, Irish cream, vodka, sweetened condensed milk, coconut rum, dark rum, Grey Goose®, vodka, Bacardi®, Limon rum, Hpnotiq®, liqueur, butterscotch schnapps, sambuca, Smirnoff®, Vanilla Twist vodka, gin, rum, Mug®, root beer, Marie, Brizard®, creme de banane.

More than 370 sub categories are added. Every recipe is written with Content, Ingredients, Method, Serve and Nutrition Information. So, you will get each information about the recipe.
So, Hurry up buy and start creating the recipes and experiment with new recipes for enjoying the real test of Drinking.

Author: Charlies Inc.

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BLOGGING QUICK START: How to find a niche, start a blog and create a plan to make a living via blogging by Alexander Shrouder

Get a quick start guide to blogging – go from zero to whatever your goal is

Inside you’ll learn:
– How to find the most profitable niches to blog with
– How to create a blogstyle website
– How to create tha plan for profitability…so you can make this a full time gig asap!
– How to drive traffic to your blog…for free.

Download, Read and Implement this today!

Author: Alexander Shrouder

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Here’s 3 completely different ways to make money online


Inside you’ll learn:

– How to find keywords with almost no competition
– How to create a website
– How to find products with high conversions
– How to sell these products via SEO

– How to create your course – from start to finish – A to Z
– How to choose a profitable market
– Basic marketing for your course

– How to get started with selling on EBAY
– How to find profitable products
– where to find suppliers
– How to create product listings that turns into cash


Author: Red M

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25 Best Music Festivals you gotta go before you die or you get too old and boring by Antonio Araujo

The Best Music Festivals in the world listed!
From the most mainstream ones to the best Underground and well kept secrets of music!
There’s nothing in the world like a music festival. Seeing your favorite musicians surrounded by thousands of other true fans makes for an environment that can’t be replicated anywhere else—it’s euphoric. As fans, we save up our money, we wait all year, and when the day, weekend, or week comes: we go all out. Painted cars, painted faces, crazy outfits, and crazier shenanigans.
To cut through the confusion I picked 25 fantastic festivals that you should attend at least once in your life.
From the most mainstream music festival with the biggest headliners to the most unique and ecofriendly festival worldwide with not a single famous artist we covered them all to select the best and most unique festivals you can ever attend.

Here Is a Preview of What You’ll get with this eBook…
♥ Best Festivals in the world
♥ Dates for the Best Music Festivals
♥ Festivals from 5 different continents
♥ Festivals covering Rock Music, Techno Music, Electronic, Traditional, etc
♥ Much, much more!

Author: Antonio Araujo

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Nahum, Habakkuk & Zephaniah Bible Study – BSBP Series by Margaret Weston

The world is becoming increasingly busy and as Christians we are not immune from this! There always seems to be so much to do but not enough time to do it! However, many of us love the Bible and would like to have more time to study it.

The BSBP series is for a specific group of people those who have a real desire to study the Bible but find they simply do not have the time. Life can be so hectic and whilst there are many very good Bible Studies and Commentaries available, these can be quite off-putting for very busy people.

Do you want to study the Bible? Are you put off by the length and depth of many of the books that are already available? If you answer yes to both these questions then the BSBP series is for you!

Suitable for individuals to use to study alone, or for use in small groups.

Margaret Weston is the author of ‘How do I know I know God?’ a best seller in Christian Evangelism and the first book in the ‘How do I know?’ series. She is also the author of the BSBP series.

Author: Margaret Weston

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