All The World: The Great Dane Saga by Alp Mortal

Meet Dane Danois – the most fabulous gay man in the Universe … in his own, never humble opinion. A man driven to live life to the full, and if there’s a chance that he can help a friend along the way, he will. A sharp-suited, sharp-witted, sometimes reckless, sometimes dangerous, always intoxicating agent of change … and loyal to a T.All the World is the single volume that contains all six parts of the story:Part One – Too Much Too Little Too LatePart Two – The Time Of Your LifePart Three – The End Of The Road?Part Four – The Start Of The JourneyPart Five – Fair To MiddlingPart Six – We Do And We Do NotThe Great Dane Saga charts the life of Dane Danois, and his many and varied friendships and relationships over the course of a 40 year period. The six parts of the story do not run in strict chronological order. That is because the story was never going to be a saga, but after I finished part one, it was clear that Dane was not going to shut up until I had written down everything he wanted to say – he was a poor narrator. Dane is neither wholly good nor wholly bad – he is just Dane – perfect in his imperfections.The six parts of The Great Dane Saga originally appeared in 2013, in single volumes, and then in this compendium. All volumes were removed from the shelf in 2014 for re-editing. The six individual volumes and this compendium have been republished in the course of 2016.I am always very happy to receive your feedback. If you wish to contact me directly, please email me at: the website,, for updates on the next gay romantic story or crime thriller which I am working on.Thank you,Alp Mortal

Author: Alp Mortal

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Contentment or Discontentment? Probably both! by Dimitris Ziremidis

This book deals with the structure of our brain. How does it work, how did reason come about, and what differentiates our way of thinking from that of other beings?These important questions, and many more, the author attempts to explain and justify with the development of man. The author is trying to explain how we “understand our environment”, explain the mental states of contentment and dissatisfaction, portray them from a psychological point of view, and ultimately highlight their immense importance in our development as a species.

Author: Dimitris Ziremidis

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Cutie Pies: 60 Super #Delish Recipes for Sweet & Savory Pies (60 Super Recipes Book 41) by Rhonda Belle

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Making elegant pies from the comfort of home is easy with these 60 great recipes! Enjoy all the fruits of the year in delectable fruit pies or opt for savory, seasoned meat pies for creative dinner options. Includes low-fat, vegan and diabetic options as well. A bonus recipe for a wonderful homemade pie shell also included. Enjoy & Be Well! (Twitter @SoDelishDish)

Author: Rhonda Belle

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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Eileen’s War: An Inspirational True Story of a Young Woman in World War Two. by Eileen Younghusband

Eileen le Croissette was just an ordinary teenage girl. Living with her parents, she spent her days roller skating with friends, studying for exams and daydreaming about travelling the world.

But on September 3rd 1939 Britain declared war on Germany and everything changed. With Britain standing alone Eileen was determined to help defend her country. She joined the RAF as a Clerk Special Duties and found herself in the top secret Filter Room – a place so hush-hush she had to sign the Official Secrets Act to work there!

Eileen’s War tells the remarkable story of living through the Blitz, acting as a guide in a liberated Nazi concentration camp and hunting down V2 rocket launchers!

A children’s version of the award-winning memoir One Woman’s War.

Author: Eileen Younghusband

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

I am the Change: Journal Affirmations for Girls by Elizabeth D. Gray

Excellent as a journal for one girl or as a tool to use in a group setting for writing and discussion. Each entry covers a different topic and then allows space for the reader to do their own writing.

An affirmation on its own is a powerful thing. However, flexing the muscle of an affirmation with the conscious expression of your own words, thoughts and experiences is a transformative thing. Use this affirmational journal to not only absorb the powerful messages in each affirmation, but to accentuate them tenfold by the expressions of your own creation.

How to Spot a Hero

From the time we are born
We’re taught how to identify our heroes
Sporting capes and super powers
The fearless defenders of justice
Saviors in a troubled world
We’re taught that courageous acts
Might only ever be performed
By the heroes of our imaginations
And these entertainments
Have served as fodder
For the remarkable fallacy
That we humans are rather unremarkable
As we live out our hero fantasies vicariously
Via movie screens and paperbacks
Not quite realizing
How many among us
Are also wearing masks
Our capes hidden under the costumes
Of our real selves
What a shame it is
That so many heroes
Go whole lifetimes
Never taking to the skies
Always keeping our disguise
What a better world it would be
If we took the time to acknowledge
The heroes that surround us
In their everyday clothing
Humbly wielding their super powers
Yet rescuing the world every day
Without reward or applause

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Paradox Love (Book 1)
Where the Deer Dwell

Author: Elizabeth D. Gray

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Daily-Message: Faith and discipleship with the Word of God by Jörg Bauer

These are taken from the German translated daily devotions for Christians, and those still to come. The focus is always on the Word of God in the Bible. It is about faith and the practice of faith, about spiritual truths, biblical warnings and useful thoughts concerning the following of Christ in living as a Christian in this world. These are written with Christlike passion and also the translated devotions are there to encourage, strengthen, comfort and enlighten.

Author: Jörg Bauer

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Incident at the Loch: A Northern Journey (part one) by Geoffrey Peyton

Part one of a two week break in Ayrshire and Cumbria during a warm May in 1991. In this first part I hike from Ayr to Stranraer, sleeping in various wooded locations that are full of natural wildlife and magnificent lochs. Along the way I encounter close calls with the natural inhabitants, not to mention a couple of women who more than catch my eye. I ask the reader to excuse any grammatical hiccups, as I am just trying to tell a story. Thanks.

Author: Geoffrey Peyton

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Housekeeping by Ariele Huff

I never expected the writing assignment that started this anthology would uncover such a treasure trove of personal revelations or messy little secrets. Of course, we all know that ideas surrounding “housekeeping” have changed immensely. The subject is fraught with issues and struggles for most of us. This collection of thoughts on the topic has a lot of surprising viewpoints, plenty of humor, and a few poignant stories to sweeten the pot. Get down and dirty with our fun look at housework.

Author: Ariele Huff

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Ambitious Writing Prompts for Fiction Writers (Genre Series Book 2) by SR Stewart

Do you need some much needed writing inspiration, but don’t have the time, nor the money to take a creative writing class?

Check out our Genre Guide Series book “Ambitious Writing Prompts for Fiction Writers” that provides dozens of writing prompts for ambitious, self-starting writers. Void of silly, redundant prompts, this collection will fire up your imagination.

Author: SR Stewart

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews