American Pathfinder (Pathfinders Series Book 1) by Frank Mitchell

In April of 1798, Napoleon appoints Lieutenant Charles MacDonald, a nineteen-year-old graduate geographical engineer, to be the pathfinder for his personal Brigade of Guides during the invasion of Egypt. Charles was born in Virginia during the American Revolution and was educated in France, a graduate of L’Ecole Polytechnique and a postgraduate of L’Ecole des Ponts.But agents of the British Secret Service who are trying to undermine the invasion of Egypt interfere in Charles’s journey on a number of occasions by attempting to rob the mail coaches he is accompanying.In response, General Bonaparte assign Charles’s father, the blind General James MacDonald, his confidant and instructor in engineering and mapmaking at L’Ecole Militaire more than a decade earlier, to head a secret section investigating the British and these crimes. What they uncover is an abandoned convent in Paris being used as a headquarters–with 3.5 million francs in gold hidden in its walls.After four years at The Citadel, Frank Mitchell commanded infantry units in Vietnam in intensive combat for over a year. For the next forty years, he worked on construction projects all over the world. Initially a project engineer, Mitchell moved up to project manager and finally International Project Executive. He built hospitals, laboratories, military facilities, industrial factories, office buildings, bands, and other high security facilities, like embassies and consulates. Mitchell spent time in Egypt building the International Medical Center in the Egyptian desert. While there, he got the idea for this book. Mitchell has visited the sites of most of the battlefields in this and subsequent books in his Pathfinders Series.

Author: Frank Mitchell

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Hour Glass by David-Matthew Barnes

Hayden and Persephone Caulwell have been married for twenty-two years. Constantly referred to as “the perfect couple,” they have found themselves hiding the discord in their marriage from their family and friends. After a dinner party, they engage in a volatile confrontation and years of affairs, secrets, and emotions begin to surface. Realizing their marriage has ended, husband and wife lash out at each other until the dining room – and their lives – are left in shards. This one-act play was inspired equally by the short story ‘Bliss’ by Katherine Mansfield and the Greek myth of Persephone.

Author: David-Matthew Barnes

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Shergar: A True Crime Story of Kidnapping, Racehorse and Politics by Conrad Bauer

A true crime story set in Ireland and involving kidnapping, the IRA and a phenomenal racehorse named Shergar. Who Kidnap Shergar? A mystery that has baffled authorities for years…

Ask anyone in Great Britain or Ireland about famous racehorses and they’ll likely have only one name to tell you. Shergar. At his peak, Shergar was one of the most elegant, powerful, and successful racehorses in the history of the sport. By the time he retired, his reputation alone was enough to earn massive amounts of money. But then, one cold night, he vanished. Kidnapped. Stolen by a group of masked men. The heist quickly became an international sensation, attracting attention from around the world. Everyone wanted to know: who kidnapped Shergar?

And the mystery has continued to the present day. Still a cold case, picking apart the Gordian knot of Shergar’s disappearance involves everything from bad business deals to domestic terrorism. The Irish Republican Army (IRA) have been accused of being at the center of the plot, arriving as it did amidst the Troubles in the country. Occurring during one of the most turbulent times in the history of Ireland, the kidnapping of one of the nation’s sporting heroes was not only front page news; it was intrinsically linked to the political situation in the country. As the kidnappers issued their demands and the owners tried desperately to get their horseback, the situation sunk deeper and deeper into tragedy before the trail went cold.

In this book, we will look into the complicated and fascinating disappearance of Shergar. We will examine the delicate domestic situation in Ireland and probe just how this battle with the British might have spilled over into the sport of kings. We will look at the people who became embroiled in the plot on every side, trying to uncover the truth behind one of the world’s strangest kidnapping cases. By the end of this book, we just might know what happened to the horse named Shergar.”

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Author: Conrad Bauer

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Coffee, Tea & Water (Essays On Alt Med Book 2) by Lisa Barger

Is coffee really bad for you? Is green tea really good for you? And what about that 8-glasses-a-day advice? My name is Lisa Barger and for years I’ve reported on medical studies that looked at the good–and the bad–of coffee, green tea and plain, ordinary water. In this collection of previously published news articles, Q&As and essays you’ll learn that some of our biggest health beliefs simply aren’t true. You’ll read:~ For most people, coffee is perfectly safe–certainly nothing you need to “detox” from.~ Coffee can protect your liver, may help you manage cholesterol and might even lower your risk for some cancers.~ Iced tea can actually be good for you, even if it’s not made from green tea.~ Herbal teas have the most to offer when you brew them in a specific way.~ Distilled water is perfectly safe; it doesn’t “pull” minerals from your bones.~ No, you don’t have to drink nothing but pure water to be hydrated.It seems that every health blogger out there has an opinion on the benefits–and harm–of our most popular beverages. In COFFEE, TEA & WATER, you’ll see what the science says.

Author: Lisa Barger

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Out Of My Head (2016 edition): Fuzzy Memoirs and Confused Ramblings on Stuff I Know Nothing About by Clifford James Hayes

man-tart dislike • Hitler switches • fairground life • child labour • Jamaica • Florence • banana addiction • urban sleepwalks • flying a 747 • giant spiders • beard hatred • owning half the toys in Hamleys …

What do all the above have in common? The author of this book, that’s what.

Out of My Head is an autobiographical ramble through Clifford James Hayes’s life experiences and subsequent skewed views on everything. Discover the true nature of reality and find out why fashion should be banned; understand why the world needs splugs and learn how to email yourself to distant stars.

All this and a great deal more can be found in Out of My Head!

This Revised Edition contains new content and expanded sections unavailable previously.

Author: Clifford James Hayes

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Think of the Sunflower by Sandra L. Huska

What if you discovered that everything you thought about yourself and your origins was incorrect? Could you handle the truth?

Nikee Madison is like most people—consumed with relationships, family, friends and her job—until she stumbles across information that makes her question everything she thought she knew about herself. Will the truth set her free, as Jesus once said, or is ignorance really bliss?

Her best friend Trisha, a metaphysical junkie, is also on a quest—one that will reveal answers to the age-old questions: Who are we and why are we here on Earth? Along with her soulmate Noah, she discovers things that the powers-that-be have kept hidden from mankind for centuries.

Creationists believe that God made us. Atheists believe we have evolved from a lower species. What if they both are wrong? And just what is causing the dramatic climate changes we are experiencing here on Earth? The answers may surprise and shock you.

We spend most of our lives distracting ourselves from the real questions about our existence—and the real truths about our lives. THINK OF THE SUNFLOWER is a novel that will challenge you to think about these questions and to face some startling facts. But the reader will learn, as do Nikee and her friends, that even when the truth is hard to accept, even when the future looks the bleakest, the Universe somehow manages to send us help and hope.

Sandra L. Huska’s third visionary novel not only delivers an entertaining story, it forces the reader to look at the world in an entirely different way.


Author: Sandra L. Huska

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Witch of the Water by Kyle Wieczorek

Far beneath the crashing ocean tide lies a mystical kingdom, hidden from the world above. It’s a magical place, full of wonder and enchantment, where mythological creatures dwell, and mermaids roam freely.
Over the centuries, there have been countless renditions and retellings of the class fairy tale, The Little Mermaid, the tale of a young mermaid princess who strikes a bargain with a conniving sea hag in exchange for the opportunity to be with her one true love.
This story, on the other hand, takes a darker twist, diving into the previously unknown origins of the mysterious sorceress, once Sequana, a headstrong, knowledge-seeking mermaid and devoted daughter of a powerful sea king. Wounded by a heartbreaking betrayal, Sequana finds herself struggling between good and evil, and is faced with a choice that could jeopardize herself and everyone she loves.

Author: Kyle Wieczorek

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The Shadow of Gethsemane: An Easter Poem by David Ramos

The shining light of our salvation began with one of the darkest moments in a garden. The Shadow of Gethsemane is a series of poems celebrating the sacrifice Jesus made when he gave his life for ours. In this short book, you will experience an emotional and powerful telling of the Easter story that will help you see it as never before. See the Easter experience from a dozen different points of view, imagine what it must have felt like for those responsible for burying our Lord, and feel the rush of excitement as Jesus proves once and for all that death cannot hold him!Get The Shadow of Gethsemane now and experience the beauty of Easter in a whole new way.

Author: David Ramos

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