YES you can, make your career great (again)!: A Leadership Toolbox by John G. Smith

No matter on which rung of the career ladder you are currently standing, there is always a next one. From clerk to expert, from project member to project manager, from project manager with a one hundred thousand euro project to project manager with responsibility for a project worth billions, from team leader to managing director, or from managing director to CEO of a DAX company.This book is not a guidebook on how to make a career, but there is other literature, it is also not a guidebook in the sense of what is good management. This book is a toolbox, it offers help for many situations to cope with the daily tasks of a manager. Practical tips and templates offer you quick access to the various topics. You only have to adapt these tools to your special case, your company, that can be your company or your department, and you can show success very quickly.Quick successes, in turn, lead to you being seen. Only those who are known and successful are promoted. To be successful at the right time, with the right topic and to be seen, this is the simple formula for success at work.Project Management, Lean, Kata, Strategy, Human Ressources, …

Author: John G. Smith

Ingvar: The Gods’ Forsaken Son by Wayne Armstrong

Ingvar, the first born son of a petty Norse king, embarks on a voyage to the British Isles with the intention of attaining the great wealth and renown which he believes will confirm his place as his father’s successor, despite a runic divination to the contrary. His expedition enjoys early success but a freak storm undermines his fortunes abroad while at home his dynastic rivals are busily pushing their own claims in accordance with what has been foretold.With the Gods already opposed to Ingvar’s will, the odds against him are dramatically increased when he is reduced to the status of a slave warrior fighting for survival in the Emir of Cordoba’s army, while his wife and daughters remain at the mercy of those who mean him harm. In addition to such seemingly insurmountable external challenges, Ingvar must overcome an impulsive nature that serves to exacerbate his plight at every turn, whilst developing the empathy required for him to become the noble ruler he truly wishes to be.

Author: Wayne Armstrong

The Ultimate Homemade Sauces: Save Money on Store-Bought Sauces with These Tasty Recipes by Valeria Ray

Don’t you just love the way sauces bring extra taste to your meal? The ones that you buy at stores are not that budget-friendly. Why not make your own spicy homemade sauces? This Sauce Cookbook has everything that you need. You can find some simple and easy recipes, that you can prepare in a few minutes. Whether you want a creamy sauce for that chicken, or a piquant sauce for those fries, on thing is sure: you will find the thing that you are looking for in this cookbook. The tastiest aromatic sauces are only one click away.If you are looking forward to making your own sauces that taste better and are cheaper than the store-bought ones, get your copy of this fantastic cookbook right now!

Author: Valeria Ray

The Real Mediterranean Experience: Over 25 Healthy Mediterranean Recipes That Will Help You Lead A Healthier Lifestyle by Sophia Freeman

Mediterranean cuisine is mostly made from protein-based ingredients like chicken, olives, fish, vegetables, legumes, fresh fruits, unprocessed grains, nuts and seeds and healthy fats like olive oil. Mediterranean cuisine is loaded with pure and tasty flavors, their cuisine has rich tastes that will completely dazzle your taste buds.The Mediterranean diet is said to be very healthy for the heart, mostly because of the use of mostly proteins and grains for its preparation. This diet also contains little use of red meat and sugar. It is a great way to keep healthy and maintain your weight. The Mediterranean cuisine is delicious and healthy, there really is nothing more you could wish for in a good diet plan.You do not need to fly all the way to Greece or any Mediterranean island to get this Mediterranean diet experience. This cookbook contains some really delicious Mediterranean recipes that will help you lead a healthy lifestyle while satisfying you with some amazing flavors. This cookbook gives you access to amazing recipes like a white chicken enchilada, vegetable risotto, grilled salmon with salsa, meatball gyros, simple olive oil pasta, pan seared cod with white basil sauce, grilled turkey meatballs, Mediterranean stuffed bell peppers, spicy lentil Soup, kale and farro stew and much more.

Author: Sophia Freeman

For the love of Cheese and Buns: Enjoy the Cheesy Finger Licking Goodness of American Burgers in The Comfort of Your Own Home by Sophia Freeman

Fast foods are all the rave right now, and one of the most popular and loved fast foods is the amazing burger. Either a cheeseburger or a hamburger works just fine for true burger lovers. Burgers are delicious and filling and well, deliciously filling so much so that you can barely resist them. I have had burger cravings that would have me tossing and turning all night in bed or running from my work desk to the nearest drive-thru to get my fix.Real all American burgers have a great flavor and are really easy to make. They little to no time to whip up and are very satisfying. American cheeseburgers have some essential ingredients like cheese, onions, chuck, and buns. You can add some other ingredients to spice things up and make the meal more appetizing. With this cookbook, you no longer to rush around town looking for the perfect burger. You can now make your own burgers right in your own home. From spicy chicken burgers, garlic and pesto turkey burgers to miniature meatball burgers, we’ve got you covered. Just download this cookbook and start making your all American burgers now!

Author: Sophia Freeman

Hacking IELTS: 50 Hacks to Help You Crush Your Exam! by Christopher Fehr

Do you require a high IELTS score to immigrate or enter the university of your choice? Are you in a panic because you are already scheduled for an IELTS exam? These 50 hacks will help you to crush each section of the test. Look, there’s no easy fix, but this quick guide will help you to focus on what is most essential. Like anything, you will need to put in the work, but do it efficiently and effectively.

Author: Christopher Fehr