Every Bad Boy Needs A Rider by Kellz Kimberly

Every good girl loves a bad boy who can bring out the best in her, especially when she doesn’t see it in herself.Zion is the regular girl who never does anything besides what is expected of her. Plain Jane is what she sees herself as. Never one to party or do anything fun, she sticks to the things she knows; working at her father’s auto shop and attending school. A brief accident with her car throws her into a budding friendship with a bad boy who she has nothing in common with other than cars.Growing up, Jasheem wasn’t into the street life that consisted of selling drugs. He planned to walk the straight and narrow, but nothing really goes as planned. An unfortunate event leads him to turn his love for cars into an illegal six figure business. With a girl at home whom he doesn’t love, Jasheem realizes he wants something more out of a relationship. Once he lays eyes on Zion, he deems her as the perfect candidate. The innocence Jasheem sees within Zion is what attracts him to her, but her knowledge and love for cars is what gave him the push to pursue her. Living in two different worlds, Zion and Jasheem both find something in each other they never saw in anyone else. Will these two be able to turn their love for cars into a loving relationship? Or will an untold truth tear these two apart?

Author: Kellz Kimberly

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
79 reviews

All Eyes on the Crown: Rise of a New Connect by Tina J

If you loved Violet and the Connect then you’ll enjoy reading the story about their kids. MJ is the eldest son, who at a young age confided in his father about taking over his empire. Miguel Sr. takes him under his wing and shows him everything he needs to know. On his twenty first birthday MJ will be introduced to the world as the New Connect. Will it be a smooth transition or will jealousy and envy from within his team show it’s ugly head and destroy his moment. Alex decided living in his fathers’ shadow isn’t what he wanted to do. His focus is going to college, becoming an entrepreneur and owning tons of businesses. Unfortunately, something happens to someone close to him, which makes him take a step back and return home. Joy is the golden child in her fathers eyes, however, she begs her mom to allow her to do something reckless that may cost her, her life. Enemies come out of nowhere, which makes the entire family go into beast mode. Find out what happens when people attempt to cross the Rodriquez family.

Author: Tina J

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
67 reviews

HeartBeat: A Standalone Gang Life Romance by Carry Lowe and Tyresha Tyler

***A Full Length, Standalone Novel***Sunny knows how to keep her head down. She goes to school, and straight back home. There’s a gang war brewing in her neighborhood of Bronx, New York, and she wants no part of it.Too bad her twin sister, Rain, has a knack for trouble, and brings the war right to Sunny’s door. Being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, leaves them with two choices; join the gang or die.It’s a simple decision really, when you think about it.But being in one of the most vicious gangs in New York is anything but simple. And the twins have to learn how to navigate these bloody waters. They’ll have to learn to stand strong, or be put down.Fortunately for them, two of the most ruthless men in the gang, are willing to help them find their way. But these men were raised in the streets, growing up on a steady diet of blood and murder, they are more accustomed to pulling triggers, and burying bodies, than matters of the heart.But as they teach Sunny and Rain a few things about the more brutal parts of life, they’ll learn a few in return, and maybe one of them is how it feels to fall in love.

Author: Carry Lowe and Tyresha Tyler

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
97 reviews

Second Summer (MacLarens of Fire Mountain Contemporary series Book 1) by Shirleen Davies

Second Summer, Book One in the MacLarens of Fire Mountain Contemporary Romance SeriesIn this passionate Contemporary Romance, author Shirleen Davies introduces her readers to the modern day MacLarens starting with Heath MacLaren, the head of the family. The Chairman of both the MacLaren Cattle Co. and MacLaren Land Development, he is a success professionally, but his personal life is another matter.Following a divorce after a long, loveless marriage Heath spends his time with women who are beautiful and passionate, yet unable to provide what he longs for . . .. . . Heath has never experienced love even though he witnesses it every day between his younger brother, Jace, and wife, Caroline. He wants what they have yet spends his time with women too young to understand what drives him and too focused on themselves to be true companions.It’s been two years since Annie’s husband died, leaving her to build a new life. He was her soul-mate and confidante, she has no desire to find a replacement, yet longs for male friendship . . .. . . Annie’s closest friend in Fire Mountain, Caroline MacLaren, is determined to see Annie come out of her shell after almost two years of mourning. A chance meeting with Heath turns into an offer to be a part of the MacLaren Foundation Board and an opportunity for a life outside her home sanctuary which has also become her prison. The platonic friendship that builds between Annie and Heath points to a future where each may rely on the other without the bonds a romance would entail.However, without consciously seeking it, each yearns for more . . .. . . The MacLaren Development Company is booming with Heath at the helm. His meetings at a partner company with the young, beautiful marketing director, who makes no secret of her desire for him, are a temptation. But is she the type of woman he truly wants?. . . Annie’s acceptance of the deep, yet passionless, friendship with Heath sustains her, lulling her to believe it is all she needs. At least until Heath drops a bombshell, forcing Annie to realize that what she took for friendship is actually a deep, lasting love. One she doesn’t want to lose. Each must decide to settle, or fight for it all.Second Summer is the first book in the MacLarens of Fire Mountain Contemporary novella series. Heartwarming stories of difficult choices, loyalty, and lasting romance. Watch for Hard Landing in the Spring of 2014.˃˃˃ Book Excerpt So this was Heath, Annie thought. Caroline hadn’t told her too much about him, but had always warned her away. His situation was complicated Caroline had said. She had told Annie he’d been married for a long time to a woman he’d met in high school. Annie assumed it was the standard marriage of high-school sweethearts gone wrong as the two matured, but Caroline had almost snorted when Annie had used that phrase. She knew he had a reputation for being seen with a different woman at each event he attended, even if all were stunning, tall, and, according to Caroline, ten to fifteen years his junior. At least now she had a face to put with a name.˃˃˃ Book Excerpt Annie looked behind Heath to see Diana in an almost there outfit, barefoot, and holding a bottle of wine in one hand. Reality dawned like a sledgehammer to her solar plexus. The intense pain almost doubled her over. She stepped back from the door. “I, uh, I guess this is a bad time.” She could barely get the words out before she turned and ran. Tears already filled her eyes, blurring her vision. “Annie wait! Don’t leave, please!” She could barely hear his voice. The ringing in her ears made it sound as if she were in a tunnel. Her head began to spin as she opened the car door to climb behind the wheel. She fumbled with her keys. She looked up to see Heath dashing outside. He’d grabbed a shirt and was buttoning it as he made h

Author: Shirleen Davies

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
171 reviews

JAMES: A Billionaire Romance (NIGHT OF THE KINGS SERIES Book 1) by Shayne Ford

JAMES, A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance (Book One of the Night Of The Kings Series) SERIES SYNOPSISLUST. POWER. BAD BOYS. LOVE. BETRAYAL.This is a story about love, taming hearts, growing up and changing. It is about a good girl corrupting a bad boy, who turns her into a bad girl. And then, it’s about a bad girl, who brings the bad boy to his knees.Rain meets James for the first time, fresh out of high school. Fascinated by him, she wants him to be her first man, someone she can never forget. At twenty-five, James is a ruthless, powerful, wealthy man, who’s never had feelings for a woman and wants to keep things that way.He has two handsome best friends who are also his business partners.This is NOT a conventional, linear romance. Expect a bit of a mess, dirty bits, other people, cliffhangers and twists of situations.This book is intended for mature audiences only.GENRE: New Adult Billionaire Steamy Romance*ALL THREE BOOKS OF JAMES’ STORY ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN STORE.* LEX’S STORY (THREE BOOKS) HAS BEEN PUBLISHED AS WELL

Author: Shayne Ford

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
86 reviews

Doctor Who: Free Comic Book Day by Nick Abadzis and Al Ewing

Take a blistering trip through time and space with three stunning ALL-NEW short stories featuring Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor and the brand-new Twelfth Doctor by the ongoing DOCTOR WHO creative teams – PLUS a sneak peek of the TOP SECRET Summer 2015 event! Be the first to get a hint of the epic that will shake the Doctor to his core! It’s an unmissable read for fans, and the perfect primer for anyone looking to jump on board the TARDIS!

Author: Nick Abadzis and Al Ewing

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
237 reviews

The Assassin’s Wife: The Fifth Republic by Dan Daines

The Assassin’s Wife is a thrilling tale of political intrigue set in current America. A jealous, deranged husband assassinates the President-elect of the United States two weeks before inauguration, and for the first time in history, a vice president-elect must step up and take the oath of office. Madison Hemsley-Tarlton, a war hero and former governor, will be the new president…if she can stay alive long enough. Questions about the assassination quickly surface and eventually lead to a vicious and mysterious band of men who want to control American power. Madison stands at a point in history where the country is poised for a fundamental change in our system of government. Who is Madison’s enigmatic ally, and who will dominate the coming shift in the American Republic?

Author: Dan Daines

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
87 reviews

Julia’s Journey (A Coming Home Again Novel Book 2) by T.I. Lowe

Are you ready for an adventure? Well, to be honest, Julia Thorton wasn’t ready either! When she finds herself kidnapped, Julia holds on for dear life as an unexpected journey turns her life upside down on a long, winding road of craziness. Julia and her partner in crime, Greyson Stone, set out into the unknown and discover more than either was prepared for…
Haunted woods where scarecrows don’t care who they chase, mugshots from an unexpected arrest, a rocking Bleu Streak concert, great food and abundant wisdom being dished out at a little café with a familiar name—Lulu’s Café, flounder gigging with a toothless old man, and a night on the town with a zombie are just a few stops along the way of this wacky journey.
Can Julia and Greyson make it to the end of the road trip in one piece? Here’s hoping you’ll find out soon.

Author: T.I. Lowe

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
93 reviews

Last of the Red Hot Firefighters (Red Hot Reunions Book 1) by Jessie Evans

Melt with You
A Summerville Novel
Fire and Icing Book One

Some fires never burn out…

After ten years as America’s sweetest celebrity chef, Naomi Whitehouse is enjoying life out of the spotlight, back in her hometown of Summerville, Georgia. She’s opening a pastry shop with her sister, housesitting for her snowbird parents, and reconnecting with her roots. Life is good until she runs into her high school sweetheart, Jake Hansen, a sexy firefighter who gives her a reception chilly enough to freeze a forest fire. If Naomi wants her homecoming to remain all cupcakes and sugar cookies, she’ll have to win Jake over. But how can she earn his forgiveness when he won’t even speak to her?

When the girl who broke his heart buys a month of dates at the firefighter’s Hunk-for-a-Month fundraiser auction, only honor keeps widower Jake Hansen from backing out of the commitment. He won’t let the firehouse down, even if it means enduring a torturous month with Naomi Whitehouse. And Jake knows being close to Naomi again will be torture. Even after all these years, she still gets to him…not that he intends to let her know it. He’ll be civil, honor his obligation, and with any luck Naomi will tire of playing small-town pastry chef and Jake will never see her again.

But as the month passes, Jake and Naomi discover some fires never burn out. Will the heat between them be enough to melt away the pain of past mistakes, or is their second chance doomed from the start?

Fans of Bella Andre, Kristan Higgins, and Susan Mallery will love the Summerville romance series, stories featuring sassy Southern women and the alpha males who love them.

The Summerville Books:

“Always a Bridesmaid” Series
Book 4: CATCHING YOU (A Summerville Short Story)
Book 5: TAKING YOU (A Summerville Novella)

“Fire and Icing” series
Book 4: PERFECT FOR YOU (Short Story)
Book 5: SAVING YOU (Short Novel)

Jessie Evans gave up a career as an international woman of mystery to write the sexy, contemporary Southern romances she always wanted to read.

A Southern girl, born and bred, Jessie loves writing romances with just the right amount of sizzle, and hopes you’ll enjoy her stories set in the fictional town of Summerville, Georgia.

Author: Jessie Evans

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
315 reviews

Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon-transcending Magimal (Book 1) by Weiqi Wang

Dragons have been dominating this world for thousands of years, until mankind learnt magic and wizards emerged. After centuries of wars, human and Dragons reached stalemate under the mighty power of a grant magic pact. Therefore, most people had forgot about those scarily powerful creatures, but they are actually still there! Soarame obtained magic gifts and a pair of special eyes due to unrevealed reasons. Overhearing of Druids’ treasure being stolen, Soarame started his adventure in this world of magic. The boy is not alone; he has other young wizard friends and a mysterious magimal with potential to overstep Dragons later! That said, it doesn’t make him safe; he’s destined to meet Dragons one day before he’s prepared — actually, it’s already happening!

Author: Weiqi Wang

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
114 reviews