Cancer Moms and Chemo Babies by Stephanie Partridge and Heather Choate

The excitement and anticipation of holding the sweet, small baby, feeling those first kicks on the belly, and wanting the best for him or her all while fighting a war within that begets destruction. In this nonfiction collection of stories written by thirteen pregnant women with cancer, they face two divine milestones: life and death. Labeled a miracle and a vision of hope and endurance of humanity, their stories have been shared in numerous social media articles and viral photographs, ten different news reports on NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox news, the Today show, local magazines and news stations, a national ad campaign by the American Cancer Society, People magazine, Wall Street Journal, a New York Times article, an LBBC brochure, blogs, Amazon Bestseller awarded “Fighting For Our Lives; A memoir,” local newspapers, radio, and a Yahoo feature article. Each of their voices are unique and in each chapter we see a glimpse into their journey with cancer and motherhood. “Our Story: Cancer Moms and Chemo Babies” digs deep into their fears, their hopes, their wisdom, and their unconventional friendship through motherhood and cancer.Tags: Cancer story, cancer, cancer memoirs and biographies, inspirational women’s stories, motherhood memoirs, cancer survivor books, cancer survivor stories

Author: Stephanie Partridge and Heather Choate

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
45 reviews

Hunter: Perfect Revenge – A bad boy Mafia dark romance by Alice May Ball

Horse is going after the sexy FBI agent who put him away.HORSEHer dark work clothes couldn’t conceal the smoking hot curves she kept underneath. One look at Vesper Cross lit me up like a firecracker on the 4th of July. How was I to know she’d get me jailed for a double murder I didn’t commit?I knew she was the law. The massive gun under her leather jacket was a giveaway. That and the fact that no matter how hard she tried, she dressed like an undercover fed. However smart and sexy she was, that told me loud and clear to keep well away. But I never could do what I was told.One dynamite night led to a long stretch in jail.Now I’m out, and I’m coming to get her.VESPERHuge in every sense, he’s got muscles on his muscles, firecrackers in his eyes, and what uncoils in his pants qualifies as artillery.When he said he was in ‘enforcement,’ I asked him which branch. He said, “I do some work for a group you may know. They’re called the Mafia.”I’ll put him away if I have to, but the first thought those eyes and those muscles fired up in me is that I should investigate him. In depth and in exhaustive detail. In a hard and penetrating interview. In depth and in exhaustive detail. I had no idea what a punishing stretch it would be, but it was a proportional use of force, all in the line of duty. That’s what I told myself.Who’d have thought that one night with the man who made his living as muscle for the mob would have me deep in a lethal mess of crime and corruption. And that our lives would depend on each other, regardless of whatever we thought about it. Or whatever we felt.I couldn’t help what I felt, even if at odds it was with the job I had to do.The hunter is hunted.This fast, hot, sexy tale is packed with explosive thrills of every kind. It’s a full-length standalone novel with no cheating and an HEA that will surprise the pants off you.

Author: Alice May Ball

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
64 reviews

Guerrilla Publishing: Dangerously Effective Writing and Book Marketing Strategies by Derek Murphy

LAUNCH BIG EVEN IF YOU’RE STARTING SMALLGuerrilla is a style of warfare intended to surprise and harass enemies. It can also mean using unconventional and usually inexpensive means to generate interest or raise concern among the public. That’s basically how I’ll use it: book marketing strategies from the trenches to help you win the publishing war. However, instead of “surprise and harass” I will focus on “surprise and delight.” First you need to show up and get in front of the right people. Then you need to surprise and delight them. You need to be remarkable enough to be noticed. This is actually, far easier than you’d think.TRAIN THE INTERNET TO SELL BOOKS FOR YOUThis is a crash course on some of the more creative book marketing strategies I’ve discovered in my first year of publishing fiction. It builds on a lot of the content marketing and platform building tactics I’ve used to build two six-figure businesses around my non-fiction books. People often say it’s harder to market fiction… I’ve found it to be easier, because there is so much less competition (there are tons of books, but very few authors are using the strategies I use to get visibility and reach new readers). FAST AND EFFECTIVE BOOK MARKETINGI wanted to provide simple, actionable, measurable steps to publishing a high quality book quickly, doing only as much marketing as is necessary to launch your book professionally, and keep it selling enough to support you while you write another. I can’t tell if it’s too simple or too advanced, let me know what you think.I only mention the things I actually use, that I know work, and ignore all the other things that don’t get results. We’ll discuss paid advertising, release strategies, pricing and pre-orders, book giveaways, how to target your audience, viral exposure and press coverage, marketing hacks, and how to reach your first $1000 on Kindle.***The pre-order version of this book shipped with the wrong file! If you downloaded something on your Kindle that looks rough or unfinished, please email me so I can send you the correct version!***

Author: Derek Murphy

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
75 reviews

See Me Not: The psychological thriller that’ll stop you logging into Facebook for weeks by Janelle Harris

From the author of International Bestselling NO KISS GOODBYE comes a gripping, new psychological thriller with a heartbreaking twist.What if the stranger online is more familiar than you realise? In fact, they know everything about you. They know what you’ve done.My husband loves me.I love him.But, a secret is eating us alive.It’s not the one I keep from him.It’s not the one he couldn’t keep from me.And, someone knows everything.A stranger. A stalker. An online nightmare.I’ve got mail.What everyone is saying about See Me Not…”I was desperate for answers and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Will certainly be reading more books by this author.” – By The Letter Book Reviews”A tense and gripping page turner which left me breathless in places.” Tracy Fenton (founder) The Book Club”Oh my, what an intense ending that was!” – Little Miss No Sleep Daydreams of Books

Author: Janelle Harris

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
175 reviews

Perfect Spiral (A Playing Dirty Sports Romance Book 2) by Lane Hart

~ Quinton Dunn ~I had the perfect life. Getting paid millions to play the sport I love and spending most of my nights with all the adoring female fans, what more could I possibly want? I sure as hell didn’t want the baby boy someone dropped on me before running, leaving behind a note saying he’s mine. If that’s true, then I don’t have a freakin’ clue who his mother could be. Until I get the paternity test results, though, the kid’s my responsibility.The sleepless nights with a crying baby have me crashing and burning on the football field, putting my superstar career in jeopardy. And suddenly, the only woman I want hates me with a fiery passion. I knew Callie wasn’t going to be easy to win over. Not when she blames me for her sister’s death.Oh, and if this baby turns out to be my son, Callie’s determined to take him away from me. Somehow I’ll have to find a way to prove to her that there’s more to me than my perfect spiral.

Author: Lane Hart

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
79 reviews

A Dangerous Madness (Regency London Series Book 3) by Michelle Diener

The Duke of Wittaker has been living a lie…He’s been spying on the dissolute, discontented noblemen of the ton, pretending to share their views. Now he’s ready to step out of the shadows and start living a real life…but when the prime minister of England is assassinated, he’s asked to go back to being the rake-hell duke everyone still believes he is to find out more.Miss Phoebe Hillier has been living a lie, too…All her life she’s played the game, hiding her fierce intelligence and love of life behind a docile and decorous mask. All it’s gotten her is jilted by her betrothed, a man she thought a fool, but a harmless one. But when she discovers her former fiancé was involved in the plot against the prime minister, and that he’s been murdered, she realizes he wasn’t so harmless after all.And now the killers have set their sights on her…The only man who can help her is the Duke of Wittaker–a man she knows she shouldn’t trust. And she soon realizes he’s hiding behind a mask as careful as her own. As the assassin steadfastly vows he acted alone, and as the clock ticks down to his trial, the pair scramble to uncover the real conspiracy. And as the pressure and the danger mounts, Phoebe and Wittaker shed their disguises, layer by layer, to discover something more precious than either imagined–something that could last forever. Unless the conspirators desperate to hide their tracks get to them first.

Author: Michelle Diener

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
159 reviews

Relationship Status: We Tied Forever (1) by Deshon Dreamz

Three Couples….Three Journeys…One….Destination! Love should feel euphoric…right? Tori has loved the same man for what seemed like her entire life. High school sweethearts, Keyton, and Tori find themselves married and deeply in love with each other. With a list of broken promises and lies being told by Keyton; Tori finds herself at a crossroad. Does she stay and try to salvage her marriage with the love of her life or move on from all of the pain and turmoil that being with Keyton have brought her? How can you keep loving someone that causes you pain? How do you stay in a place that you know is a dead end… literally? TaNia is as independent as they come, thick and beautiful! She keeps her business in order and doesn’t depend on anyone for anything. After losing her father, she moves back home to take care of her mother, which is taking a lot of adjusting on her part. In the midst of all the changes her life is taking, Lemonte is on a mission to make her his. He kept his eye on her over the years and he’s done with just being her friend. He wants more… a lot more, whether TaNia is ready for that or not! Winter has always depended on someone, whether it was her parents or the man she was in a relationship with. She no longer wants to be that girl, so she makes some changes and learns to stand on her own two feet. She lives a lifestyle that she is not particularly proud of, but it makes her goals and dreams that much easier to accomplish. Her parents are traditional and old school so she hides her life from them, but when she lands in the scope of a Demarco, she has to make a choice between love and comfort.

Author: Deshon Dreamz

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
71 reviews

Call of Kythshire (Keepers of the Wellsprings Book 1) by Missy Sheldrake

The existence of the fairies of Kythshire is a secret kept for over a century…

Azaeli has trained from a young age in order to follow in her parents’ footsteps and become a Knight of His Majesty’s Elite. When she finally becomes a Squire, her name is mysteriously left off of the list for the King’s Quest. Her parents set off without her, but the simple quest goes awry leaving tragedy in its wake. With the help of her lifelong friend, Rian, a Mage apprentice, Azaeli must unravel a sinister plot that threatens both the existence of Kythshire and the peace that her people have celebrated for generations.

Call of Kythshire includes over a dozen beautifully rendered illustrations in this author-illustrator’s debut novel. Enjoy full color illustrations in the digital version and black-and-white images in the Paperback.

Enjoy both versions with Kindle Matchbook: Buy the paperback and get the Kindle copy for free!

Author: Missy Sheldrake

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
83 reviews

Retribution: What Goes Around… by NyRee Ausler

Asaya Buchanan is the girl next door; smart, talented and beautiful. She married her first love, had a son and has the type of lifestyle every girl dreams of.But everything that glitters ain’t gold. Asaya soon realizes that her husband, James is not the one-woman man she thought he was. Her childhood friend, Rey, may be exactly what she needs for a fresh start.When the circumstances push her back against the wall, she has no choice but to come out swinging. Asaya makes a move that will leave her family and friends in disbelief!In this tale of love, betrayal and murder, only the strong will survive. When the smoke clears you will be astonished at who is left standing.

Author: NyRee Ausler

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
96 reviews

The Math Inspectors 1: The Case Of The Claymore Diamond (a hilarious adventure for children ages 9-12) by Daniel Kenney and Emily Boever

– For parents looking for mystery books for kids 9-12, The Math Inspectors is a great new series!

– I struggle to find books for 9 year old boys that hold the interest of my son. He read The Math Inspectors in one sitting and is excited for the next one in the series to come out.

– My daughter and I stumbled upon this book and we’re hoping this is one of many new detective books for kids 9-12

– Loved the funny dialogue between the friends but loved how Math is shown in such a positive light with Gertie and Charlotte, the two girl characters. My daughter is super excited to read more of these Math inspectors mystery books for kids.


When the Claymore Diamond is stolen from Ravensburg’s finest jewelry store, Stanley Carusoe gets the bright idea that he and his friends should start a detective agency.

Armed with curiosity and their love for math, Stanley, Charlotte, Gertie and Felix race around town in an attempt to solve the mystery. Along the way, they butt heads with an ambitious police chief, uncover dark secrets, and drink lots of milkshakes at Mabel’s Diner. But when their backs are against the wall, Stanley and his friends rely on the one thing they know best: numbers. Because numbers, they never lie.

Join Stanley and his friends in this smart and funny first mystery in The Math Inspector series, perfect for kids ages 9-12.

Author: Daniel Kenney and Emily Boever

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
102 reviews