Red Zone – There is no overtime in the game of murder — only sudden death. by Kelli Hughett

When Marcy Farris comes face to face with a murder victim at a high school football game, she’s plunged into a game no one wants to play. Despite police assurances, she knows this wasn’t a random murder. But to prove otherwise she’ll have to tackle the painful memories of her husband’s suicide.

Struck down by an injury in his prime, former NFL linebacker, Jack Briggs, wonders if there’s life after football. His perspective changes when he meets Marcy. Though she’s out of his league, Jack finds himself drawn to Marcy’s “go-for-it” demeanor. Now, as the killer stalks Marcy, Jack has to prove he still has moves before the killer has a chance to exact his revenge on Marcy.

There is no overtime in the game of murder — only sudden death.

Author: Kelli Hughett

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
89 reviews

Girl in the Shadows (Cozy Mystery) by Angela Pepper

Abby Silver is a temp secretary with a super memory. When she’s assigned to work with an unusual detective, Abby discovers she likes investigative work. No, she loves it. Within a week, she’s helping her boss (and his trusty beagle, Chewie) chase down a murder suspect. Literally. Hijinx ensue!From the author of Stormy Day and Wisteria Witches comes a cozy murder mystery featuring the highly-skilled Abby Silver, her unusual detective boss, Derek Diamond, and a brilliant beagle named Chewie.Genre: Cozy murder mystery series / female detective series.Content: Clean read; No graphic violence, sex, or coarse language.This edition contains a bonus book from Angela Pepper’s Wisteria Witches series. Enjoy!

Author: Angela Pepper

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
72 reviews

Southern Impulsion: First Love, Second Chance (Station 32 Book 1) by Jamie Magee

With a glance Wyatt Doran stole Harley Tatum’s heart. With each summer that passed, touch by touch, they robbed each other’s innocence, birthing a love that was so deep that it scorched within. Without warning, they were ripped from the clutches of each other, placed in lives that were worlds apart. Only to cross paths after a freak accident where Harley’s horse rig was flipped. An accident that Wyatt Doran, from fire station 32, responded.
The tension was immediate, the emotions were raw. One breath told them they were not the same as before, one touch…changed their world.

Author: Jamie Magee

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
111 reviews

African Memories: Travels to the interior of Africa (Travels and Adventures of Ndeye Labadens Book 3) by Ndeye Labadens

Do you enjoy discovering new places?Are you dreaming of adventure?Where will you go?Escape to Africa with the beautiful photographs and videos from:SenegalGhanaThe GambiaMauritaniaCote D’Ivoire or Ivory CoastMoroccoCameroonNigeriaEgyptKenyaLibyaBeninCabo VerdeMaliGive yourself the deserved rest and enjoy the beautiful and stunning pictures of Africa.Each country displays a unique facet of beautiful Africa with all of its different cultures.These new places will take you on a journey of discovery, inspiration, and relaxation.You will feel like being at these places yourself with the author as your personal guide.The author makes you feel like being there yourself.Don’t miss out on this opportunity and allow yourself to dive deep into the feeling of holidays and adventure.Allow your family and friends the unique opportunity to experience this journey with you, by offering them this book as a gift.Signup for a free copy at

Author: Ndeye Labadens

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
78 reviews

RAVAGE: Lightning Bolts MC by Zoey Parker

I’m a man of few words. The ones I use are violent:Brawl. Claim. Ravage.It was lust at first sight.She looked too damn nice up on that stage to pass up.A body that curved in all the right places.Skin demanding that I seize it and squeeze it.And those eyes…Eyes I’d never forget. What would you have done?I know what I did: I bought her. Then I took her home and let her know who she belonged to now.She screamed my name until the rafters shook. Don’t act like you would have done anything different.That should have been the end of it. But if she was just an expensive lay,you wouldn’t be reading this story.There was a whole lot more I had yet to find out.Only one thing I knew for certain:I hadn’t had my fill of Michelle.Not. Even. Close.Ravage is a full-length, standalone romance novel with steamy hot sex, strong language, a happily ever after ending, and NO CLIFFHANGERS. Contains dark and disturbing themes, and over-the-top sexiness that may be uncomfortable for some readers. Perfect for fans of Sam Crescent, Jenika Snow, L Wilder, Sabrina Paige, Lauren Landish, Vanessa Waltz, Jordan Marie, and Nicole Snow.

Author: Zoey Parker

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
147 reviews

The Sanctum by Pamela King Cable

“This inspirational tale thrills with a tight plot, lyrical scene descriptions, and complex characters. Pamela Cable leaves readers aching for more.” ~ Julie Cantrell, New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of the Christy Award winning novel, Into the Free

On a November day in 1946, Neeley McPherson turned five … and accidentally killed her parents. Thrown into the care of her scheming and alcoholic grandfather, she survives by her quick wit, and the watchful eye of an elderly black man, Gideon. In 1959, as equal rights heats up the South, authorities accuse Gideon of stealing a watch and using a Whites Only restroom. Neeley, now thirteen, helps Gideon break out of jail. With the infamous Catfish Cole on their trail, the pair flees to the Blue Ridge Mountains and take shelter in a wolf sanctuary.

“I would compare The Sanctum to Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird. Set in the deep south during the Civil Rights Era, this book tackles such issues as racial discrimination and abuse.” ~ Kimberly A. Liston-McCabe

Author: Pamela King Cable

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
82 reviews

Uncommon Stock: Version 1.0 (The Uncommon Series) by Eliot Peper

Book 1 of The Uncommon Series, the tech startup thriller trilogy. Continued in Book 2, Uncommon Stock: Power Play.Mara Winkel is rock climbing, mountain biking, and ‘studying’ her way through school at the University of Colorado, Boulder.But when her best friend James asks her to partner with him to start a disruptive new software company she discovers that the world of technology startups is fraught with intrigue, adrenaline, soaring successes, and scorching failures. It turns out this is especially true when your technology threatens entrenched drug cartels.Mara has to juggle mysterious investors, opaque partners, critical customers, and a team that is as brilliant as it is dysfunctional until only one question remains: win or die.

Author: Eliot Peper

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
261 reviews

Blood Magic (DarkWorld: A Soul Tracker Novel Book 1) by T.G. Ayer

In the DarkWorld the things that go bump in the night are most likely true. And the problem is they are probably not sticking to bumping around in the night. They are everywhere. Your work colleagues, your teachers, even your friends. They’ve been living that way for a long time. And you haven’t noticed becsuse they don’t want you to.You’re much better off not asking any questions.Mel Morgan is a Master Teleporter. She can move through the Veil into the otherworldly planes. A handy skill when looking for missing people. It’s a lonely job, but with her gargoyle partner she’s never minded lonely.Until a certain super-hot Djinn walks into her life. He needs her help to find someone he loves. And Mel can never say no to someone in need. But the road to helping Saleem is fraught with secrets better left uncovered.Can Mel and Saleem dodge demons and sorcerers long enough to save the ones they love?Other Books in the DarkWorldSkin DeepPyrosLost SoulLast ChanceUpcoming books in the SoulTracker SeriesDark SightDemon Kin

Author: T.G. Ayer

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
142 reviews

Self-Publishing: The Secret Guide To Becoming A Best Seller by Richard McCartney

Marketing a book is difficult for most authors. It takes an incredible lot of time, and often for no measurable results in sales. Some of you may have spent hours, days, weeks, even months, writing blogs, getting active on Facebook and Twitter in order to promote your book. Then you look at your sales figures for the last weeks or months, and your heart sinks. Why isn’t this working?So, have you ever wondered how other books seem to come out of nowhere and become Best Sellers? Ever suspected that there are some tricks you don’t know about that others are using to promote their book?Well, you would be right. In this book I’m going to show you the secrets many of the more successful authors use to help promote and sell their books on Amazon. These are rock solid proven methods that are sure to make your book more visible on the only online store that counts – Amazon. This Secret Guide To Becoming A Best Seller reveals many of the lesser known tactics to promoting your Book on Amazon, including:The Best Way To Promote Your BookThe Wrong Way To Promote Your BookWhat They Won’t Tell You About Promoting Your BookHow To Measure The Effectiveness Of Your Marketing CampaignsFinding The Best Revenue OpportunitiesFinding Engaged Readers Who Will Read Your BookHow The Best Seller System WorksWhat It Takes To Get You ThereHot New Releases – How To Get Your Book ThereInvestigating The Secrets Of Amazon’s Search Box The Best Ways To Advertise Your Book To New ReadersBook Reviews And Why They Are So Important And More …This book is literally a secret guide to your biggest challenge on Amazon: getting discovered.

Author: Richard McCartney

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
130 reviews

The Yuletide Angel: A mysterious benefactor … a secret guardian … and a love sweeter than grace. by Sandra Ardoin

It’s the 1890s in Meadowmead and someone is venturing out at night to leave packages at the homes of the needy. Dubbed “The Yuletide Angel,” no one knows the identity of this mysterious benefactor.

No one, except Hugh Barnes, a confirmed bachelor who finds himself drawn to the outwardly shy but inwardly bold Violet Madison, a young woman who risks her safety to help others.

When Violet confesses her fear of eviction from her childhood home, Hugh longs to rescue her. His good intentions are thwarted, however, when Hugh’s estranged brother shows up in town … and in Violet’s company.

But Violet faces an even bigger threat. A phantom figure lurks in the shadows, prepared to clip the wings of her Yuletide Angel.

Author: Sandra Ardoin

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
142 reviews