Chapter 29 Revisited: The amazing true story of what happens when a typical American housewife meets Jesus! by Jean Coleman

This is the true story of what happens when a typical American housewife has a divine encounter with the Lord and becomes a modern-day disciple. How does her husband react when he finds a gospel tract between the ham and cheese in his sandwich? Or her children when their mother starts answering the phone, “Praise the Lord” every time that it rings? Jean Coleman is suddenly transformed into a totally new person who views her neighborhood as an exciting mission field and a trip to the grocery store as an opportunity to share the love of Jesus. Even a mishap in the parking lot provides an open door that leads to an unexpected miracle. You will laugh and you will probably shed a tear or two as you read how the Lord has used this very ordinary woman to do some very extraordinary things. Jean’s transparent conversations with a patient and loving God are certain to touch your heart and her everyday experiences will inspire you to believe for miracles in your own life.

Author: Jean Coleman

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
72 reviews

The Other Side of Bad (A Tucker Novels Book 1) by R.O. Barton

“Tucker fast draws you into a Great Ride!” TD J Webb
Tucker, a problem-solving gunfighter still reeling from the bloody death of his childhood sweetheart wife, must contend with his survivor’s guilt while dodging bullets in the increasingly violent Music City.
Weeks after Tucker foils an assassination attempt on a client, he’s confronted at his remote country home by men intent on killing him.
Meanwhile, Tucker is forced to relive his secret violent past during an interview with a Nashville billionaire who wants his wife’s “accidental” death investigated.
But, before Tucker can take on a new assignment, he must deal with who wants to kill him and why.
Here’s what readers are saying about “The Other Side of Bad.”
This is a great, fun ride in the spirit of Lee Child and Steven Hunter but with the more advanced atmospherics of James Lee Burke. C AndrewsGreat new read for Childs and Crais fans!! P Godden
R. O. Barton shows promise of being hailed right up there with Lee Child, Michael Connelly, James Lee Burke. The Other Side Of Bad was one good read!! S Prater

Praise for “The Other Side of Bad”:
The Other Side of Bad, by R.O. Barton, like its title, is a gotcha; gotcha and won’t let you go until you’ve been through an assassination attempt in Nashville, a face-off in a Louisiana biker bar, the mother of all drug-deals-gone-bad in the wilds of Mexico, and more between the scenes action than a Rambo night out.

Barton casts his characters with disarming frankness—characters large and
eccentric—with arcane talents and a taste for brinkmanship.

The Other Side of Bad is visual, visceral, and a trip to the other side.

-Steven Prati
Author of, Cheers from the Bull & Finch Pub

Coming Soon:
The Valley of Redemption, Book 2 of the Tucker Novels.

Author: R.O. Barton

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
138 reviews

Rumors of Glory (The System States Rebellion Book 1) by Dietmar Wehr and Justin Adams

Rumors of Glory is a 44,300 word introduction to the System States Rebellion series.

Humanity has colonized over 500 planets under the not always benevolent administration of the Federation of Planetary States via the FED Army and Navy. Long standing grievances over economic exploitation by Earth-based companies has grown into a full scale rebellion and attempted secession by many of the more successful colonies. The Rebels believe a peaceful separation is possible. The FEDs believe an easy and swift military resolution is available. Both dreams of glory are shattered by the reality of a civil war that is rapidly escalating in scope and violence.

You’ll see Grand Strategy planned at the highest levels plus the execution of those plans by the men and women who will do the fighting and dying. The 2nd book in the series, Rumors of Honor, is now available too.

Categories: space opera,space fleets, space marines, galactic empires, colonization, action and adventure, war

Author: Dietmar Wehr and Justin Adams

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
242 reviews

We Both Can’t Be Bae 3 by Twyla T.

This crazy roller coaster ride that Cameron and Malcolm have been on has been one for the books. What happened after Cameron made a surprise visit to her sister, Charlotte and found Malcolm there? Will everyone come out alive? Phebe has been standing by Keith through all of his dirt, but has she had ulterior motives all along?The price to pay for being a bad boy can be costly. Is Keith’s future going to go down the drain when he slips up and makes the wrong move or will he end up with everything he wants?More secrets and lies are revealed, including some from the parents and they will blow your mind. Dive into this finale and see how everything plays out.

Author: Twyla T.

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
73 reviews

The Other Pilot (Boyd Chailland Book 1) by Ed Baldwin

General Trusten Polk’s F-16 explodes on takeoff in Denver. Within hours he’s exposed as an impostor, a war hero politician controlled by others.

As Captain Boyd Chailland, the pilot member of the accident board uncovers Polk’s lonely private life he finds another pilot from Polk’s past knows all his secrets and is leaking them to the press.

Congressman Roscoe Kelly is tied to bank fraud and other politicians with ties to Polk duck and weave. The press smells blood and government corruption dominates the news cycle. Is The Other Pilot a patriot or a criminal? Where did all that money come from?

Boyd rushes to find The Other Pilot, as signs point to a criminal mastermind with a lust for revenge.

The spark to set off civil war in America is on a ranch in west Texas. Boyd, his English teacher lover, his flight surgeon pal, a vintage aircraft enthusiast with a restored P-51 Mustang, and a small town sheriff are the nation’s last line of defense.

Top fiction from an author whose military background and success with Southern Fiction qualifies him to write thrillers and adventure tales with any of the top authors in the field.

Author: Ed Baldwin

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
246 reviews

Just Like The Rest of ‘Em : A Dopeboy Love Story by Dani Littlepage

Finding real love these days, is like trying to find a needle in a haystack; it seems almost impossible. Some people choose to give up on love altogether while others continue to search for it. Others find exactly what they think they’re looking for; the right one, the one they could love forever. Then just when they think the love of their dreams is coming true, they find out that they’re “Just Like the Rest of ‘Em”.Tymir, a.k.a. Bear, is a 26-year-old ruthless- hustler from Philly. He’s a certified-street King with one true love, his money. Although he has a few women in his life, love and relationships are not an option. The females in his circle each have roles to play but wifey isn’t one of them. When he meets Desiree Williams he finds himself drawn to her in more ways than one and for the first time in his life, he can see himself falling in love. Bear decides to break his own rules and gives Desiree the attention and affection he knows she deserves. When the other women in his life notice all the attention he’s giving her, drama, mayhem and chaos break out. They become women on a mission to teach Bear and Desiree a lesson. With one woman willing to sleep with the enemy in hopes of revenge and the other willing to take down any woman that stands between her and Bear; Desiree and Bear’s relationship is not the only thing in grave danger.Desiree Williams is a 24-year-old college graduate stuck in a hopeless relationship with her baby’s father, Antoine. Determined to make a bad situation better, Desiree stayed with her man even after she discovered he’d been unfaithful. Loyal and true to her word, Desiree did everything within her power to make things work and she thought it was until Antoine hit her with the ultimate surprise; leaving her heartbroken again. When she meets Bear she finds herself falling for his charming ways and street appeal. She decides to give him a chance to see if he could be the one to treat her right and give her the real love she’s been searching for. As things between the two of them get deeper, enemies will emerge, Exes will rise from the ashes, and life-altering secrets will be exposed. When the truth comes out will Bear stay with Desiree and prove that he’s the real man she needs or will he crack under pressure and turn out to be “Just Like the Rest of ‘Em”? Find out in this drama- filled romance by Dani Littlepage.

Author: Dani Littlepage

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
76 reviews

Valley of Redemption (A Tucker Novels Book 2) by R. O. Barton

“Prepare for the ride! Tucker is back!” TD John
Tucker goes to Houston to investigate the “accidental” death of a Nashville billionaire’s wife.
In the process, he uncovers a conspiracy involving a lethal Houston gang, dirty cops, multiple murders, Columbian hit men, an international assassin and a monstrous drug lord known only as “The Gringo,” who controls gangs along the border from California to Louisiana.
The closer Tucker gets to unraveling the mystery and uncovering the truth, the less he knows.
Tucker believes all the answers are in Mexico, and his only hope is to find “The Gringo” before his gangbangers kill him.
Once there,Tucker discovers that some people are not who they say they are, and that finding the truth can take you to some of life’s darkest places.
Here’s what readers are saying about R. O. Barton and Valley of Redemption.
“Once every five years, I read a new author who redefines his genre and sets a new bar for those who follow. Enter R.O. Barton. He has restored my faith in great characters, realistic plot, fantastic insight into life, and crazy authenticity in tough guy swagger. Here’s an author who has clearly lived the world he writes… who knows mortal combat and all its consequences from the inside out.” C Andrews
“Jack Reacher may have met his match with Tucker!” G Wallace
“I am a big fan of Robert Crais, Michael Connelly, and Lee Child, to mention a few. So I am accustomed to a high level of quality of character development and pacing and details of all kinds. R.O. Barton’s work is right up there with the big guys!” Dstar

Coming soon, “Good Intentions” – Tucker novel #3

Author: R. O. Barton

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
89 reviews

PLEASE DON’T SNEEZE: Teaching Your Child Stay Healthy And Safe (Bedtime story for preschool (beginner readers) Book 3) by Sigal Adler

New friend in the neighborhood  (New Children’s eBook)**Amazon Prime Members can download this book for FREE!**Free Audio Book (Flip-Book)”In a faraway forest, under a great oak tree, stands a pastry shop offering goodies and tea. A lush green corner where the neighbors meet, Forest folk, some strange, but others quite neat.”We all know that children are very curious about fire.This story is full with colorful creatures and flowing with humorAnd bring a clear message about the Danger of – FIRE The pictures are so cute and imaginative for young ones. It’s hard to keep kids captivated, but this book does it making it fun with rhyme, color, and an adorable main character that is easy to Adore. Most importantly it offers toddlers a perspective that they have choices with regards to their- HEALTH care. This is an important message and at the right age.It’s a “sweet book” Easy for- beginner reader and best children book for “sweet dream” Its a – rhyming children book – With colorful Illustrations and good Values New experience children book related of- good companies and messages of Good deeds and generosity (Age 2-6)Book Details: Fairy tales Children’s book, health and hygiene books for children, Easy to read children’s book (3–8), children book for experiences children book (Make new friends) Illustrated Children’s Picture Book. Children books with audio,Children books with good lessons, Rhymes story, Teach the Children Values & Morals , funny children’s book’s. 
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Author: Sigal Adler

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
101 reviews

Why Her? (WHY ME? Book 2) by Aleta Williams and Gloria Palmer

“WHY HIM?” is now Available!!!!!!!

Three of the most Ratchet and Thirsty Women is Determined to make Monica’s life a living hell…
Miracle can’t grasp the fact that she was dismissed for a whore. Alexis refuses to admit that her lies are the reason her son is fatherless. Silvia loves her man and will stop at nothing to prove her love . . . nothing . . . So murder is an option.
All of these women have one thing in common: They believe that Monica is the problem, and they want her out of the way.
Why Her? is a novel about cruel, low self-esteem females who never understood the number one rule of love: Love thyself first. Will Monica be able to survive the drama? Or will she give up and let them win?

Author: Aleta Williams and Gloria Palmer

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
123 reviews

Growing Food God’s Way: Paul Gautschi Grows Superior Food With Much Less Work By… by David Devine and Joel Salatin

Growing Food God’s Way is a compelling biography of accomplished gardener and arborist Paul Gautschi. Known world-wide for his connection with God’s world of nature, this authorized work explores the man and his wildly successful garden and orchard…while applying revealed principles to guide our daily lives as well.
Home gardeners in 208 countries agree that you can grow better produce with much less cost and less work if you do it God’s way.
CAUTION: this book may rock your worldview!

Author: David Devine and Joel Salatin

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
110 reviews