Children’s Books: THE VERY HELPFUL MONSTERS (Very Funny Bedtime Story/Picture Book for Beginner Readers About… by Sally Huss

Herbie, a very little fellow, knew exactly what he wanted to be – a monster. He had his reasons. Being small, he wanted others to notice him and he felt that there was no better way to do that than to become a monster. So, he set out to find out how to become one. After finding no luck on his Internet searches for the information he needed, he decided he would get the real low-down on monsters from monsters themselves. One after another answered his questions and sent him off to interview another. But it was the fifth monster that put him straight, explaining that it is nicer to be nice than it is to be mean. Changing his goals, did Herbie get the attention he was craving? What do you think?
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From the Author:
I write children’s books to help brighten the lives of children and add a little dollop of wisdom in the process. Children need good habits, handy skills, and a good sense of humor to keep them moving forward in a happy, healthy, and productive manner. As a King Features syndicated author, I have been creating positive and inspirational messages, called “Happy Musings” for newspapers in the U.S. and Canada for many years. This has led to my writing and illustrating a great number of uplifting books for both adults and children. Along with my writing and illustrating, I have created collections of wallpaper for children baby bibs, t-shirts and a vast number of prints and original art for children’s rooms.
More books by Sally Huss:
For Children:
A Boat Full of Animals (30 Fun Learning Games)

The Secret (The Importance of Saying “Please”)

A Mermaid Tea Party (The Importance of Kindness and Manners)

The Little Leprechaun Who Loved Yellow (The Importance of Following Your Heart)

Gator Eggs (The Importance of Sowing and Reaping)

Best Counting Book EVER! (Fun Rhyming and Counting)

Little Baby Bobby Goes to the Zoo (The Importance of Understanding “NO!”)

How the Cow Jumped Over the Moon (The Importance of Trying Something New)

A to Z Animal Games (Learning Games to Develop 26 Good Habits)

Little Lonely Leigh (The Importance of Believing in Yourself)

Eight Golden Rules for How to Play Your Best Tennis (The Importance of Playing Happy)

Mr. Consequences Says ‘No’ to Strangers (The Importance of Making Good Choices)

Lulu Little Gets Smart (The Importance of Learning from Mistakes)

Thanksgiving Dinner (The Importance of Being Thankful)

The Tree-Within-The-Tree (The Importance of Appreciation)

Did You Ever Say “Thank You”? (The Importance of Being Thankful)
— and many more.
For Adults:
Eight Golden Rules for How to Play Your Best Tennis (endorsed by Billie Jean King, Mary Carillo, and Dick Enberg)

Your Survival Guide — 14 Ways to Stay Afloat

The Importance of Living Happy: 30 Ways to do it (

How to Get Your Man –The Slam-Dunk Formula to Getting the Love of Your Life

The Perfect Diet for Movie Stars and You

Author: Sally Huss

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
38 reviews

When Horses Had Wings by Diana Estill

A Red Adept Select book (voted “Outstanding in Genre”- Women’s Fiction)

Pregnant at 16, Renee Goodchild drops out of school and marries. Now she’s trapped in rural Texas with Kenny, her violent, garbage-collecting husband. A bleak future seems assured until she meets self-appointed relationship guru, Pearly.

“That’s why you don’t let ‘em rule the roost. ’Cause you can’t count on ‘em to be there the next mornin’ when it’s time to crow,” the worldly Pearly advises.

Renee narrates this tale of ruin and redemption where the damaged and downtrodden lead each other to unintended, sometimes heartbreaking, and often bittersweet outcomes. When Horses Had Wings examines the lives of broken people competing for the most basic needs: the primal urge for affection and the eternal search for acceptance.

Author: Diana Estill

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
77 reviews

Aria (The Aria Trilogy Book 1) by M.D. Luis

Nineteen year old Nya Reed never thought her simple life could get so complicated so quickly, until one horrifying night with friends she won’t ever forget, or remember…

Nya awakens in the ER, bruised, bloodied and has little memory of the night prior. Her new friend, Matt, is dead and the police are baffled when they have no leads in the case. Nya struggles to piece together any fragments of broken memory she can salvage. Her only clue? A gold pendant in her pocket she’s never touched or seen before.

Worried that Matt’s killers will surface, Nya seeks comfort from her neighbor, Jack. He is the only person that can reign in Nya’s ever racing mind and bring some peace to her troubled and chaotic world. But Jack has issues of his own. His past is shrouded in mystery, his whereabouts are unknown and there are things about him that Nya cannot explain. As the the romance blossoms, she begins to question if this new found love is truly her friend or her foe and is determined, now more than ever, to find out exactly who…or what…Jack truly is.

With her safety in danger, her very life on the line, Nya struggles with an unknown fate and a decision she knows she cannot make. Everything in her head tells her to flee from Jack and never look back. Everything in her heart tells her otherwise.

Author: M.D. Luis

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
45 reviews

Area Bird: Duty doesn’t always follow the rules (Gray Girl Book 2) by Susan I. Spieth

2015 SEMI-FINALIST Kindle Book Award!
From the author of Gray Girl—Honor isn’t always black and white, comes this thrilling sequel: Area Bird—Duty doesn’t always follow the rules.

Jan Wishart is back in her second year at West Point. Triggered by her former roommate’s sudden resignation, Jan’s mission becomes finding out what’s happening to women at the academy. She discovers a systemic problem that has been ignored and perhaps cultivated at the highest levels. In order to fulfill her duty, Jan must break with tradition and the longstanding culture of the United States Military Academy. Her coming-of-age year is thrown into further chaos by the death of a classmate. Yet not everything is as it seems. Once again Jan’s worldview is about to be upended by the secrets of West Point.

Author: Susan I. Spieth

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
35 reviews

It’s Always Been You (Always series Book 1) by Victoria Paige and Hot Tree Editing

Former Navy SEAL Travis Blake is a rising star in the security business. In two short years, Blake Security Inc. has become highly sought after by the who’s who in Washington DC.

But unbeknownst to many, Travis is haunted by the mysterious death of his wife three years before. He carries with him the guilt of not being there to protect the one person who meant everything to him. He has buried his wife, but his heart refuses to accept that the body six feet under is hers. His obsessive search for her leads him deep into the trenches of covert ops—where everything is not what it seems.

Caitlin Kincaid has been on the run for a while. The sum of her memories began three years ago when she awakened with a broken arm and leg and a severe concussion. Hunted down by a secret group within the U.S. government, her companion persuades her to stay off the grid because of the standing kill order on their heads. One night, while fleeing assassins, she is left on the side of the road with a cryptic message: “It’s time for you to stop running. I’m not the one you love.”

When Travis receives news that the woman who has turned up at the American Embassy in Berlin could be his wife, he wastes no time getting to her. He is unprepared for the devastation that shreds him when Caitlin looks at him with no recognition in her eyes. Amnesia is a challenging enough obstacle for winning the love of his life back, but with lies defining the past three years of her life, Caitlin becomes wary of anyone’s help.

Love was never the problem. A marriage cannot survive without trust. As sinister forces threaten the bond they are trying to rebuild, trust must come quickly or one of them will die.

* Strong sexual content and language. Some disturbing situations. 18 years and above.

Author: Victoria Paige and Hot Tree Editing

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
74 reviews

Faded Off A Thug by Thai

Do you believe in love at first sight? A connection so strong just from looking into someone’s eyes? Well, I do.

Meet Raeya, a beautiful young woman who has lived her life in accordance with the strict traditions of her parents and her culture. To them, she is a model daughter, excelling in school and on the fast track to the medical degree that they envision for her. However, attending college in Miami, miles away from her overbearing parents in New York allows her to discover her true self. Unwilling to disappoint her family, she lives a double life. But when the handsome and charismatic Kyler enters the picture, things quickly go from complicated to nearly impossible. She tries her hardest to resist this thug, but it’s something about him that she just can’t stay away from. Their instant connection is so strong that it has her feeling things that she’s never felt before.

What will happen in this tale of secrets, lust, and love? They say opposites attract, but will it prove to be a beautiful or bad thing?

Author: Thai

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
54 reviews

Much Ado About Marshals (Hearts of Owyhee Book 2) by Jacquie Rogers

NOR Top Pick
CTRR Award

Rancher Cole Richards rescues his friend from robbing a bank, but is shot for his efforts, and now is a wanted man. His friend takes him to Oreana to see the doc, but Cole’s mistaken for the new marshal!

Daisy Gardner is obsessed with solving crimes just like dime novel heroine Honey Beaulieu. But Daisy’s parents insist she marry a farmer. Problem is, she can’t be a detective if she’s stuck miles from town. What better solution than to marry the new marshal.

Now Cole faces a dilemma few men have to face—tell the truth and hang, or live a lie and end up married. Either way could cost him his freedom.

Author: Jacquie Rogers

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
66 reviews

Escaping Average: 18 Tips to Spark Positive Momentum and Transform Your Life by Cynthia Tripathi

Do you feel like you’re living the same day over and over again? Are you getting caught up in mundane daily responsibilities that don’t bring you any happiness? Do you want more fulfillment from your life but don’t know where to start?

This Personal Development Book
Will give you simple, effective tips to help you get started in experiencing more inspiration for your life today. This quick and easy read will show you how to escape mediocrity and live a life full of growth and personal progress.

Do You Feel Something’s Missing From Your Life?
One day you realize years have gone by and you’re still out of shape, in debt, unhappy with your job, and you’ve lost sight of your dreams and who you really are. How can you stop focusing on what you can’t control, and start taking charge to make positive transformation in your life?

Cynthia has spent years studying personal development and practiced numerous strategies to help her gain more control over each area of her life. The methods she’s practiced are backed by current, research studies and have been proven to work. Escaping Average shows you how to create small victories in your life every day that will lead to a happier, healthier, more fulfilled you.

Escaping Average shows you how to take your life to a level of greater fulfillment and happiness through:
– 18 Simple and Effective Tips to Help You Gain Momentum
– Strategies to Add More Positive Daily Habits to Your Life
– 6 Separate 30 Day Challenges to Improve Quality of Life
– Interviews from Successful People Achieving Powerful Results
– Inspiration and Motivation to Progress Your Life Forward

Follow the tips in this book and you will begin to gain positive momentum, that will help drive your life further from mediocrity and onto a path of success. You will see results in your own life immediately. Learn how to Spark Positive Momentum and catapult your life to the next level today.

What’s stopping you from living a happy, exciting, fulfilling life?

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Author: Cynthia Tripathi

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
40 reviews

Loving an Alien by Angela Nicoara and Mike Ormsby

Think you’re all packed, for the love train? Think again.
Here’s a book you might want to take along for the ride….

‘Loving an Alien’: Intimate tales of true romance from brave women who crossed the cultural divide and loved to tell the tale.

Vive la différence!

In 1995, when young Romanian journalist Angela Nicoara applied to the BBC School in Bucharest, it changed her life in ways she could never have imagined. Raised in the closed society of communist Romania and stung by a recent divorce, she doubted her chances for a better future. But then she met some British guy, in a gloomy corridor, and everything changed.

“There was a power cut at BBC School. It was so dark I could hardly see him. We chatted for a few minutes, sharing a joke about the excellent conditions, and I had a feeling I’d never experienced before; it was as if, I’d known him all my life. Why?”

Turns out, Cupid had just fired a couple of arrows that landed bang on target. Angela and her Brit spent the next twenty years travelling and working around the world – with a brief stop in Las Vegas to get married – and are now settled in a tiny village in the mountains of Transylvania, with bears for neighbours.

And that’s where Angela got the idea for ‘Loving an Alien’…

“One winter’s night, by our log fire, I started thinking about my girlfriends around the world, many of whom had married a foreigner. Their lives were so similar, and yet so different to my own. Hmm, why not share our experiences? What if I go back to how it all started for me? Put my journalist hat on and interview them? Ask about life on Planet Love – what might they say?”

If you’re into global travel, romance, life lessons, the do’s and don’ts of an intimate relationship, how to manage your in-laws, how to finesse your outlaws, how to raise rootless, bi-lingual, ’third culture’ kids, then snuggle up with ’Loving an Alien’.

In a remarkably candid series of Q&A’s with twenty-six women of different nationalities, Angela reveals what makes a mixed marriage tick … and how to keep the love clock running.

“My college friends thought I was stupid, crazy, and throwing
away a bright future.” Jennifer

“Some girls think marrying an expat is the road to riches, but
that’s not true.” Sumi

“I never thought I’d be with an African, someone so different,
from this tiny village.” Sophie

“It wasn’t like I came to Sri Lanka to marry a Sri Lankan.
It just happened.” Jessica

“Marrying into a different culture means you are not trapped by your own, which is how I felt.” Wang

Angela Nicoara doesn’t just spill the beans, she gets the recipe.

It’s not memoir. It’s not fiction. It’s love. Long-distance. Long term. Visas and all. Join Angela on her journey to the heart of it.

Author: Angela Nicoara and Mike Ormsby

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
45 reviews

Mandala Designs: 30 Meditation and Relaxation Zen Patterns to Free Your Mind of All Kinds of Thoughts (mandala… by Mark Johanson


KINDLE USERS – We Are Thinking Of You. Since you can’t download this book from your Kindle device – We put a link of a printable PDF version at the end of the book.

Print the PDF on large 8.5×11 high quality paper and let your creativity to do the rest.

Are you ready to relieve stress and get creative? Our Mandala Designs: 30 Meditation and Relaxation Zen Patterns to Free Your Mind of All Kinds of Thoughts is just what you need. You’ll benefit by reducing your stress and anxiety after a long, hard day. Coloring has also been shown to increase your creativity.

How does coloring help stress for adults?

It’s been scientifically proven to help you take your attention away from your problems. This is the first step to stress relief. Because coloring regulates your amygdala, you get therapeutic relief from stress. You get a small dose of dopamine when you color which helps reduce anxiety and fear. Neuroscience has proven that when we stimulate this area of our brain to produce positive feelings, it can literally rewire our brains.

Coloring can now be thought of as a very inexpensive and creative therapy session. Since it requires focus, even if you only color for a short period of time, it can improve symptoms associated with ADD.

Why choose this coloring book? This book provides more than 30 patterns to provide you with the ultimate coloring experience. You get to be creative and be transported back in time to your carefree childhood days.

It’s time to unwind with one of the most popular relaxation methods available: adult coloring. Find out for yourself just why adult coloring has become amazingly popular. Choose the best picture that suits your day and start coloring. Our digital version means that you can print out high quality digital images and color until your heart’s content!

Author: Mark Johanson

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
110 reviews