Body Language: Master the Art of Reading Anyone Through Nonverbal Communication (Body Language 101, Body Language… by J. Wolf

Read People’s Body Language to Succeed in Relationships, Your Career, and More!
All you ever wanted to know about the “hidden world” of Body Language…
With Body Language: Master the Art of Reading Anyone through Nonverbal Communication, you’ll learn to read the signals that people are giving each other all the time. This information is yours for the taking, even though many people aren’t even aware that it exists. Imagine the success you could have at your next job interview!
You can learn to read the many forms of body language in people’s hands, legs, eyes, and faces. This skill is especially useful if you’re interested in dating. Body Language: Master the Art of Reading Anyone through Nonverbal Communication guides you through the process of asking someone out, dating them, and reading their signals correctly in the bedroom.
This insightful book helps you decode body language, understand its complexity, and see the whole picture – there’s more to communication than just words. Body Language: Master the Art of Reading Anyone through Nonverbal Communication can even help you master cultural variations in body language to help you in business and travel!
You’ll also enjoy reading about “busted” body language myths!
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Author: J. Wolf

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
97 reviews

Take Back Your Life: Find Hope And Freedom From Fibromyalgia Symptoms And Pain by Tami Stackelhouse

Are you tired of feeling like a prisoner in your own body? Do you want to find some hope and be free of fibromyalgia symptoms and pain?

A fibromyalgia patient herself, author and Fibromyalgia Coach, Tami Stackelhouse, has gone from disabled to thriving. In this book, you will learn how to Take Back Your Life using the techniques and strategies Tami has used to get well. More than just a lifestyle or self-management guide, this is a concise reference book woven with Tami’s own fibromyalgia story.

This book is a page-by-page survival guide for the action-oriented fibromyalgia patient who wants to feel better as quickly as possible. It’s written for the patient overwhelmed with a new fibromyalgia diagnosis and for the fibro-veteran who is stuck and needing new ideas. It is also a great resource for the caring family members and support team of anyone suffering with fibromyalgia.

In this book, Tami discusses what it means to have a fibromyalgia diagnosis, from the perspective of someone living with it daily. She will show you how to:
• Stop the pain.
• Increase your energy.
• Improve your quality of sleep.
• Work with your doctor.
• Help yourself heal.
• Bring more joy into your life.

Author: Tami Stackelhouse

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
39 reviews

OneNote: OneNote User Guide to Getting Things Done: Setup OneNote for GTD in 5 Easy Steps (OneNote & David Allen’s… by Jack Echo

Setup OneNote for Getting Things Done in 5 Easy Steps…

Would you like to capture your thoughts and to-do’s so they don’t ALWAYS run loose and rampant in your mind?Would you like to significantly improve your efficiency and productivity so you can have more free time?Or maybe you’d like to reduce your overall stress levels AND still get more DONE.
If so, you’ve come to the right place!Free Bonus: 5 Productivity Tools To Enrich Your Life + High Level Insights on Note Taking

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 13 years you would have heard about David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” (GTD) System detailed in his New York Times Bestseller Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-free Productivity.
Jack Echo has built upon the same best-selling productivity principles in the newly revised 2015 GTD system by providing a comprehensive guide on how to integrate these principles with OneNote (a free digital note-taking software developed by Microsoft). Through blending and integrating the two systems you’re provided the benefit and ability to note-take wherever you are without a pen and paper whilst supercharging your productivity in all your daily activities.No matter how technologically illiterate you may be, this guide will walk you step by step on how to set up the GTD system in OneNote within 30 minutes by following the diagrams and 5 simple steps laid out for you. If you aren’t familiar with the GTD productivity system by David Allen, Jack has you covered as he explains the foundations of the productivity system. Inside You’ll Discover…

What the 2015 GTD System Is and WHY It Significantly Improves Your Productivity
What OneNotes All About and How to Easily Navigate the Features
The #1 Thing You MUST Avoid for Enhanced Productivity
The Answer to the Ever Eluding Question: OneNote or EverNote?!
How to Set OneNote Up Rapidly in 5 Savvy Steps
Why OneNote and GTD Form the Dream Team
6 Productivity Hacks & Tricks with OneNote that Will Make You a Productivity Ninja
Integration of OneNote with Other Software
7 Lucrative Lists to Stress-free Productivity
How to Use OneNote with GTD to Decrease Stress and Get More Done in Less Time
The Core Principles of the GTD System
Results from Studies Done by Cognitive Scientists on Productivity and the Implications on You
Three Reasons Why Things Are Always on Your Mind

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Author: Jack Echo

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
87 reviews

Personality Disorders: Histrionic and Borderline Personality Disorders Unmasked (Psychopaths, Sociopaths, Narcissist… by Jeffery Dawson and Difficult People


Does you partner (friend, family member or coworker) have difficulty controlling their emotions?
Are they harmfully impulsive?
Do you feel like your conversations, fights and arguments go around in circles and seem to get “twisted” in your partners head?
Do you notice that they seem to have a problem with everyone?
If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then this book is for you!
Does the person you know have to be the center of attention?
Are they provocative and do things to draw attention to their appearance?
Do they get involved quickly and think relationships are more intimate than they really are?
Are they excessively impressionistic and highly suggestible?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you may be dealing with someone that has a personality disorder. If you feel like the person in your life is extremely difficult to deal with and you are at your wits end, download this book NOW!

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Author: Jeffery Dawson and Difficult People

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
87 reviews

Undecided: Escape the system, find your passion, and achieve the freedom and happiness you’ve always wanted. by Simon Fraser

Are you not sure what you want to do with your life, but you feel pressured to make a decision NOW?

Do you have dreams and desires but they just don’t seem practical?

Go to college, get a job, raise a family, and retire. This is what you’ve been told over and over again your entire life.

The simple truth is that college is not for everybody. Undecided uncovers how the system of college is perpetuated for people who don’t really need it.

It not only shows you how to break free from this system to find your true passion, but also gives you the confidence and tools that you need to finally take action on your desires.

Undecided is filled with stories and advice from people who have taken the leap to carve their own paths. In this book are the proven principles that successful people use time and time again to achieve massive success without a college degree.

It’s time to Decide.

Stop wasting time and money pursuing a degree you don’t want or working a job you hate. Scroll up and click “Buy Now” to find your passion and earn your freedom today!

Author: Simon Fraser

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
55 reviews

Scandalous Endeavors (Ladies and Scoundrels Book 1) by Amanda Mariel

Lady Amelia has only known the comfort of life in mid-eighteenth century English aristocracy. But when her father dies, she finds herself alone, grief stricken and not of age. Her appointed guardian, an American uncle, has ordered her to relocate to America where she must remain until she comes of age.

With the help of Grace and Sarah, Amelia gets her uncle to agree to give her four weeks to settle her affairs and unbeknownst to him…find an English lord to marry. Despite her mourning period she endeavors to trap one of London’s eligible bachelors in matrimony so she can remain in her beloved England.

The Duke of Goldstone is devilishly handsome, but a Scottish Duke is entirely unacceptable as a possible husband. After all Scotland is not her beloved England. He has a nasty habit of showing up at all the wrong moments and thwarting her carefully laid plans to ensnare a suitable husband. Sparks fly as the pair find themselves at odds with each other and drawn to each other at the same time. Can they find a way to stop arguing long enough to explore their growing passion?

Author: Amanda Mariel

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
76 reviews

Lock the Cellar Door (Gen Delacourt Mystery Book 6) by Molly Greene

Detective Gen Delacourt’s life is perfect … until a ceiling collapses on her fiancé during an earthquake. The resulting head injury leaves him tormented and remote, with little recollection of their relationship. All he remembers is the image of a woman in a window and the desperate sound of her sobbing. Frantic and alone, Gen turns to fellow private investigator Devlin Boyle for help. Together they unearth the mystery of Mack’s presence in the mansion, why he is now terrified of the dark, and who was weeping. Will Mack recover?

Author: Molly Greene

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
55 reviews

Call of the Dragon (Return to Avalore Book 1) by Elianne Adams

Rhia Atkinson is a woman on the run. The same vicious creatures that killed her mother four years ago are still on the hunt, and she’s the prey. She thought she’d come to terms with her solitary existence until Drake comes along, reigniting her dreams of family and belonging. His tall tales of a missing queen and the looming extinction of a race of people she never knew existed has her agreeing to go on a journey to Avalore. Traditions as old as time stand in her way as she tries to convince Drake that he’s her choice for a mate. With the enemy breathing down her neck, all she has to do is figure out a way to make it work before she ends up joined to some stranger, or worse, dead.
Drake Sperwell has spent years searching for one woman, the Queen of Avalore. Time is running out. With the survival of their entire species hanging in the balance, failure is not an option. When he finds her deep in battle in New York City, all his prayers are answered. What he didn’t count on was his reaction to the woman, or his dragon’s need to claim her as its mate. Denying their chemistry might just kill him, but she’s off limits. Her destiny lies with her true mate in Avalore.

Author: Elianne Adams

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
84 reviews

Murder in the Pearl District (Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series Book 5) by Dianne Harman

Book #5 in the best selling Cedar Bay Cozy mystery series from Amazon All Star Author Dianne Harman.

Kelly, the owner of Kelly’s Koffee Shop, has reluctantly agreed to cater a dinner party for her friend Sophie Marchant in Portland’s popular Pearl District. The guest of honor, Donatella DeLuca, is a famous chef and owner of the highly acclaimed restaurant, Mangia! Mangia!

The day after the dinner party Donatella is found murdered. Who did it? The arrogant newspaper food critic? The sous chef at Mangia! Mangia!? The beautiful ex-wife of the television station owner who was going to produce Donatella’s new TV show, Dining with Donatella? The French chef whose nationality is questionable? Or the deranged “hostess with the mostest?”

Join Kelly and her dog Rebel, along with reluctant advice from her husband, Sheriff Mike, as they try to discover who murdered Donatella and why.

This is the fifth book in the best-selling Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series. As always, mouth-watering recipes are included! Dianne has been recognized by Amazon as being one of their best-selling authors. To find out more about Dianne and her books visit her web site at

Author: Dianne Harman

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
130 reviews

Saved By You (The Islanders-Destiny Bay Romances Book 1) by Helen Conrad

DESTINY BAY ROMANCES-ISLANDERSby Helen Conrad, an award-winning, best-selling author (over 15 million books sold)Kane Carrington can’t resist a call for help from the girl he secretly loved in high school. He goes back to his Hawaiian home, only to find he’s still the “bad boy” to her golden girl image. But now he’s a man, not a boy and Annie Ventura can’t resist him. But does he have to destroy her memories of her dead husband in order to seal the deal?Contains love scenes.The books of this series are loosely connected.  Each can stand alone.  (Excerpt)Emotions were usually pretty deep with him. He didn’t like to let them get too near the surface. But for just a moment, he’d stopped and turned slowly, taking it all in, remembering a past that could never be again, missing it, missing home and actually feeling a slight stinging in his eyes. And that was when she got him.”Okay, you bastard, hold it right there. Don’t make a move.”At the same moment the voice hit him, both barrels of a shotgun were jammed very hard and very painfully into the small of his back, and he groaned in disbelief. He hadn’t even heard her coming up behind him. He shook his head. He was losing it.”I’d like to blast a hole right through you. How would you like that, you slime ball?””Hey, hold on just a minute…”The barrel jabbed him. “Don’t try to talk, dirt bag. Just start walking. I’m going to walk you right off my land, and then I’m going to call the cops. And the next time you come slinking around I’m going to blow your brains out. You got that?” She jabbed him again to get him going toward the road. “And you can tell Bart Carlson I’ll do the same for any other of his pathetic flunkies that he sends over here to screw up my life.”It took only one quick twist and a little leverage, and he had her on the ground, his big body holding hers down, the shotgun wrenched from her grasp and sent spinning in the dust.But that didn’t mean she gave up. Not by any means. She fought like a wildcat, spitting and scratching at him with fury. It took both his hands to hold down hers, and the full length of his body to hold her captive.”Cut it out, Annie,” he growled at her, annoyed that she wasn’t giving up even once she’d realized his superior strength. “I’m not going to hurt you.”The sound of her name was what seemed to still her for a moment. She stared up at him and he stared down at her, wondering if she had any idea that they had known each other before.She’d changed. But her hair was still blond, still a mass of shimmering tangles that seemed to go on forever. Her body was still slim and lithe, but there was a strength to her he wouldn’t have thought she would ever possess. She was still squirming beneath him, but it was beginning to feel good. He glanced at her cotton blouse, all askew and revealing the soft curve of her breast and a tiny strip of lace.”Don’t,” she spat at him fiercely.He looked up. Her face was older, naturally. The crystal blue eyes he remembered so vividly were wary, haunted by pain and struggle she couldn’t have dreamed of in her younger days. And she wasn’t laughing. In his memories, she was always laughing.There was no sign of recognition. Didn’t anybody remember him? Had he been erased from the minds of an entire community?

Author: Helen Conrad

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
132 reviews