Falling (The Watcher Series Book 1) by Rhiannon Jean and Aboriginal Design Photography

A little FSOG mixed with a Rhiannon Jean twist:

He had known her for years
She had only just met him.
Watching her was no longer enough.

Sneak Peak:
I moved my hips, gyrating and losing myself in the music. I felt a presence behind me and got a whiff of laundry soap, deodorant, and a faintly distinct male scent. Hot breath danced along the back of my neck, and a pair of hands gripped my hips. I fought the urge to freeze and slowed my motions, swaying instead of gyrating. I looked down and saw black nail polish on the most beautiful set of masculine hands I had ever seen. He leaned in slightly, his chest touching my back, and whispered, “Don’t turn around,” into my ear. I knew immediately it was my watcher.

What the Readers are saying:
FINALLY a female lead who isn’t a size 2 with a perfect body and confidence out of this world! – Mandy MC

If you love curling up to a good book with intriguing characters, a compelling storyline with witty writing, then look no further! – Hilary B

The story is intoxicating and sucks you in – I could not put it down! – Elizabeth M

Genres: Romance, Erotica, Suspense, Fantasy
This story unfolds over several volumes.

Author: Rhiannon Jean and Aboriginal Design Photography

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
30 reviews

Warlord (Anathema Book 1) by Lana Grayson


For twenty-one years, Rose Darnell desperately searched for a way out of the Anathema MC, but the only thing more dangerous than the desecrated club is the rival chapter manipulating Rose into starting a war.

Bound to a world of bloodied knuckles and drug money, Rose is determined to use her musical talent to escape her abusive father and overbearing brothers. A chance audition would free Rose from the outlaw 1%, but her brothers ensnare her within Anathema’s shadow.

A rival club threatens Rose, and only Anathema’s President, Thorne Radek, can protect her from the bloodshed.


A traitor lurks within the brotherhood, and Thorne will burn the world to scorch the rat. When an innocent diva with baby-bunny eyes and dark secrets needs his help, Thorne volunteers to protect the girl and secures his ultimate bait to lure out the traitor.

Thorne may be the only man who ever distracted Rose from her music, but his obsession with the club’s betrayal endangers the one woman easing his desire for vengeance.

Helping Thorne find the traitor will damn more than the club.

It will tear Rose’s family apart…

Author: Lana Grayson

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
84 reviews

A Sugarcreek Amish Romance (Amish of Sugarcreek Romance Series Book 1) by Anna Fisher

THE FIRST BOOK OF A SUSPENSEFUL AMISH ROMANCE — MUST READ FOR AMISH FICTION LOVERS! How do you keep a friendship alive when your best friend is courting with the man you love? Mary Studer has been in love with Willis Troyer ever since she started running along the same path that Willis and David walked along every Sunday. The only problem is that her best friend Sarah, who she would do anything for, has loved Willis for much longer, and Mary wouldn’t dare betray her.

Will Mary choose happiness with Willis, or will she preserve her friendship with Sarah? Enter the Amish world of Sugarcreek, where among the peaceful rolling plains is a tale of four friends and their struggle to find love and happiness in impossible circumstances.

This is the first book in the serialized “Amish of Sugarcreek Romance” series. While it can definitely be enjoyed alone, the second book is available as a continuation of the story! Please enjoy them both!Another Great Addition To The Amish Romance Genre, Pick Up Your Copy Today.

Author: Anna Fisher

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
58 reviews

The Mermaid & The Crocodile (The Kill List Series Book One) by Edee M. Fallon

Roberta England was born and raised with one goal in mind… To destroy the family that destroyed hers. With the death of her father barely behind her and the FBI in her way, she must choose to continue her plan of revenge or leave the only life she has ever known behind. Soon, the hunter becomes the hunted and life as she knows it will change forever, if she is willing to let go of her past for the sake of her future.

Author: Edee M. Fallon

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
54 reviews

Final Notice: A Damaged Goods Mystery by Jennifer L. Hart

She’s serving up mayhem in the Magic City….

Dishing out bad news is Jackie Parker’s job until her boss grabs her assets one time too many and she serves him her notice and hopes he chokes on it. There must be a better way for a certified process server to make a living in Miami than working for a lousy lecherous lawyer. Whatever Jackie decides, her number one priority is spending time with her husband, Luke, preferably without his brother Logan—AKA the Dark Prince.

Despite Logan’s objections, Luke asks her to join forces in their own property management team, Damaged Goods. Drawing the line between professional and personal lives proves challenging though, especially with Logan serving her an ultimatum—tell Luke the truth about what really happened the night they first met or he will. Sexual harassment is looking better and better.

Fester Gomez is three months behind on his rent for his pricey South Beach condo and Damaged Goods is on the job. Either they convince the tenant to pay up or he’ll face eviction. The simple task turns deadly when the team discovers Gomez missing and a Jane Doe slowly decomposing in his bathtub. Serving a killer up to justice, wrestling family secrets—it’s just another day on the job for Damaged Goods.

“…a very likable, sympathetic, savvy and smart heroine.” ~Gemma Halliday, New York Times Bestselling author

Author: Jennifer L. Hart

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
96 reviews

The Island Of Dragons: A Paranormal Shifter Romance by Amira Rain


When Ellie O’Brien went overboard on a cruise ship her whole life flashed before her eyes.

She woke up on a tropical island and was not sure if she was dead or alive. Was this Heaven? Hell? Or somewhere in between?

Ellie’s questions were soon answered when she found herself being held prisoner by handsome dragon shifter Warren Knight.

Now, Warren is holding her captive till he finds out who she really is and how she found the Island.

Ellie knows she must win the trust of her captor if she is to get out of this alive.
And she is willing to do exactly what it takes to do that…

Could the captive be about to fall for the captee?

Read this complete novel by scrolling back up and clicking BUY NOW!


Author: Amira Rain

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
79 reviews

Hallows Gate (Paranormal Time Travel Romance and Murder Mystery) by Michelle Erickson and Mates Laurentiu

New Years Eve changed Angelina s life

She got lost and fell in love with a ghost

Now she needs to save him by becoming his wife

The problem?

If she succeeds, she frees him, but loses him forever.

Love is more complicated than she thought…

And that doesnt include the elves.

Author: Michelle Erickson and Mates Laurentiu

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
53 reviews

Timeless Night (New Camelot Book 1) by Torie James and Victoria Miller

In an epic battle of good versus evil, one woman finds herself the focal point of a magical feud. Sabrina thought she knew who she was until a knight of long ago returns to steal her heart.

If you could live forever, what would you choose to live for? I chose love…

A silent guardian, Alexander has walked the corridors of time in pursuit of an end to a haunting prophecy. Sabrina has lived a life surrounded by modern magic, unaware that the greatest and deadliest of powers reside within her own soul. If it only takes the light of love to ignite the stars, what of the decadent seduction of darkness? All roads don’t lead home and some myths only grow into legend.

Author: Torie James and Victoria Miller

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
43 reviews

Resolutions by Jenn Faulk

Three friends, ten resolutions, and a year full of big life changes.For Emily Fisher and her friends, New Year’s Eve has never been about more than eating cake and watching the minutes until midnight disappear. This year, though, Emily, Sara, and Melissa decide that as they approach the age of thirty, they’re going to make some bold resolutions together and see them through in the year ahead, never guessing how dramatically life will change for them in the process.As the daughter of a megachurch pastor and the assistant to a sensational and exhausting wedding coordinator, Emily already has her hands full. Using the resolutions as a challenge to make life about more than being a mindless drone at work, she ventures out of her comfort zone – trying new hobbies, picking up new exercise habits, travelling abroad, helping out in new ways at church, DATING – and discovers in the process that there’s more to life than weddings and work. When her family experiences unexpected hardships, Emily is forced to re-evaluate all of her priorities, and the lessons she learns lead her to stronger faith, a new dream for her career, and a romance greater than any that she could have imagined for herself.

Author: Jenn Faulk

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
44 reviews

First Chosen (Tears of Rage Book 1) by M. Todd Gallowglas

Revenge is the best revenge. The gods thought to use Julianna as a pawn. She decided she’d rather play the queen.On her twenty-first birthday, Julianna, frees an ancient god from his thousand-year prison. In his “gratitude,” the god names her his high priest and commands Julianna to lead his people to greatness once again. Unfortunately, it is a crime for her to worship one of the five ancient gods, a crime punishable by execution and the destruction of her soul. Fans of George RR Martin’s A GAME OF THRONES and Steven Erikson’s THE MALAZAN BOOK OF THE FALLEN will find themselves right at home with the TEARS OF RAGE sequence.

Author: M. Todd Gallowglas

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
74 reviews