Joshua’s Hope by Carol Ann Erhardt

A contemporary Christian romantic suspense novel.Hope Courtland escaped her marriage to save her life. Her only regret is leaving her four-year-old stepson, Joshua, behind. Though she wants custody, the legal system is against her and her faith falters. When she learns Joshua is in danger, she kidnaps him in an act of desperation, only to become a suspect in a murder.Zack Stone is content being sheriff of Pine Cove, Tennessee. Though his faith is strong, he struggles with issues of forgiveness. When he rescues Hope in a rainstorm, the last thing he expects is a woman who stirs his lonely heart. But Hope hides the truth behind her bruises. Being a small town sheriff shouldn’t involve kidnapping and murder, but Zack can’t turn his back on Hope and the little boy she loves.A puppy, three lonely people, and time is running out. A killer wants to silence Joshua forever, and his paternal grandparents want custody. When the worst happens, Hope feels she has nothing left to live for, but God has a plan.

Author: Carol Ann Erhardt

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
54 reviews

Larken (Graceling Hall Book 1) by S.G. Rogers and Riley Miller

The sole survivor of a train accident, young Larken Burke is dubbed the Miracle Orphan. Four years later, however, her life is far from fortunate. Because of her emotional and physical scars, she believes she’s un-marriageable. With little hope for the future, she agrees to wed a gentleman she’s never met. Unfortunately, his aloof manner proves difficult to take.

Marked by romantic tragedy and the loss of his brother, Brandon King has forsworn marriage. Obliged to take in a ward, he advertises for a mail-order bride to raise the boy. Since the union is to be a marriage in name only, his criteria are youthful age, a certain level of intellect, good breeding, and that the girl shouldn’t be so ill-favored she would embarrass him in society. To his dismay, he gets more than he’d bargained for.

Will it take a miracle for Mr. and Mrs. King to fall in love, or is their marriage another accident waiting to happen?

Author: S.G. Rogers and Riley Miller

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
112 reviews

Immovable Heart Unstoppable Mind: A Personal Guide To The 6 Essential Practices For Living A Healthy And Fulfilling… by David Zappasodi

In his twenty years in the health and fitness industry, David Zappasodi has witnessed many frustrated people searching for the perfect health regimen. They embraced new trends and made great efforts, and yet long-term success continually eluded them. He realized that certain patterns were keeping these people in an ever-deepening rut, and he was determined to do something about it.

So Zappasodi developed a new approach: Optimal health is natural and already exists within us. When we focus on cultivating our goals in the present, rather than achieving them in the future, our health program becomes an exercise in expanding what we do have, rather than a vehicle to something we don’t have. Long-term success is then possible.

Immovable Heart, Unstoppable Mind is Zappasodi’s guide to holistic health of the mind, body and spirit. He presents six essential practices that must be applied if we’re to experience true health, and through practical exercises he helps you implement them in your daily life. Zappasodi does not promise fast results, but as any fad dieter knows, fast results rarely last. Instead, he teaches you how to approach diet and exercise with a new, process-centered mentality. The result is long-lasting health and fulfillment.

Author: David Zappasodi

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
45 reviews

Correcting Facial Flaws – And Other Photo Tips! (On Target Photo Training Book 19) by Dan Eitreim

Revised and expanded edition!

Here in Volume 19 of “On Target Photo Training” we delve into correcting facial flaws – in the camera – by the way we pose and light our subjects.

Then we take everything we’ve been learning – tie it all together and start trying to develop our own personal style.

There are many professionals out there where as soon as we see a photo they’ve done, we immediately recognize who the photographer was. As artists, this is a goal we should all strive to achieve.

When learning, it is important to both learn the rules and to follow them. Only THEN can you break them.

It’s vitally important to know the rules before you break them. Once you are comfortable with the way things normally “should” be done, then you can go your own way and start adding your own creativity and personality into the mix.

That’s when the artist inside of you will get out…And that’s what we all want, isn’t it?

To get an idea of some of what is involved in this “On Target Photo Training” volume, here is the table of contents:

Photographing The Portrait Headshot
Studying The Face
The Better Side
Here Is Some Science…
Look For Flaws!
Make Your Model Comfortable
Visually Minimize Flaws
Positioning The Head And Shoulders
Full Face
Chubby Cheeks And Kids
The Profile
Three Quarter Head
Directing The Model
The Horizontal Turn
Vertical Lift Or Drop
Diagonal Tilt
Correcting Facial Flaws With Head Position!
Parts Of The Face
Four Ways To Cure Squinting And Closed Eyes In Portraits!
Shoot With The Light At The Subject’s Back…
Shoot Later In The Day…
1 – 2 – 3!
Bounce Or Diffuse Your Flash!
The Mouth
Lighting Patterns To Minimize Flaws!
The 2 Base Lighting Patterns:
Narrow Light
Broad Light
4 Essential Lighting/Shadow Patterns
Split Light
Loop Light
Butterfly Light
Rembrandt Light
Additional Portrait Lights:
The Fill Light
The Separation Light
Let’s Use What We’ve Learned
Be Decorative…
Show Your Creative Intent…
Incorporate Skill And Emotion…
Capture The Essence Of Your Subject…
Complement Your Subject…
Finding Your Personal Style
Develop Your Personal Style Muscles
Lets Get Creative
Taking Risks…
17 Portrait Compositional Tips…
Photo Exercise
Additional Photo Training

This is a fast and easy read and within an hour or so, your portrait photography will be enhanced more than you may imagine! Finally you can start winning photo contests or start hearing that musical phrase “WOW, you did that?”

Author: Dan Eitreim

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
57 reviews

The Street Where The Dollar Tree Grew – Bedtime Stories For Kids: Stories For Kids With Pictures – Rhyming Verses by Mary Ann Vitale

The Street Where the Dollar Tree Grew is a story of Lincoln, a young boy who happens to find a dollar tree in a very special garden. Strange things begin to happen when he doesn’t share his treasure with others. The child learns a great lesson about the acts of giving and receiving.

Author: Mary Ann Vitale

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
52 reviews

HOW TO IMPROVE EGG QUALITY: The Smart Way to Get Pregnant by Darja Wagner Ph.D.

ATTENTION! This book is a serious read. It is packed with tons of recent research on IMPROVING EGG QUALITY and fertility of women over 35.Do you hear your biological clock ticking? If you care about your fertility or are waiting impatiently to get pregnant, How to Improve Egg Quality: The Smart Way to Get Pregnant contains the information you need to be aware of.If you are over 30 OR undergoing fertility treatments, it might be the best investment you will ever make in your future family.The author of the blog on improving fertility for women over 35 and a scientist specialized in vitamins and hormones, Darja Wagner Ph.D. presents to you a book packed with tons of cutting-edge research from recent years, but written in simple English and in an easy to read format.Did you know that the quality of a womans eggs is the single largest factor contributing to delays in getting pregnant as women become older? Missing facts on how to slow down your biological clock and improve your chances to get pregnant can destroy your dreams.Which foods are scientifically proven to be the best for increasing fertility?How EXACTLY can you employ CoQ10, vitamin D, and DHEA to improve egg quality?How do you find out how many eggs you have left?How to deal with emotional and communication issues while you are waiting to get pregnant?Which lifestyle interventions are most likely to improve your chances of conceiving?What are the important things you must know about conception, implantation, and the aging of your ovaries, which only a scientist can help you understand?What is it that women dont know and doctors dont tell?Reading How to Improve Egg Quality: The Smart Way to Get Pregnant is likely to save you a lot of time. The author combines her personal experience with research from various scattered sources: scientific journals, the Internet, fertility forums and books, to give you the essence and essential facts in a way which is easy to understand and to act upon.This book is written for women who dont have much time to waste.It gets straight to the point, putting scientific vocabulary in plain language. Even those who are familiar or dealing professionally with this topic are sure to learn new specific facts and get advice on how the reproductive potential of aging women can be developed to its full potential. Instantly available to read on your Kindle or PC.Biography:Darja Wagner, Ph.D. is a scientist specialized in vitamins and hormones. She is the author of the blog, where she addresses fertility and getting pregnant for women of advanced reproductive age. She lives in Berlin with her husband and two sons, both of whom were born after the age of 35, using techniques she has explained in this book.

Author: Darja Wagner Ph.D.

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
65 reviews

The Cocaine Princess 2 by Rio

The second installment of The Cocaine Princess saga, finds Alexus Costilla facing two different wars: one between her lovers, Blake and T-Walk, and another between herself and her own aunt, Jenny Costilla. Enduring the Costilla cartel’s continuous assassination attempts becomes an almost daily ritual for the beautiful young Alexus… but will it be the death of her?

Author: Rio

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
143 reviews

Children Books:Terry Treetop and the Little Bear: (Animal habitats) Early Learning (Values book) social skills… by Tali Carmi

Take your kids on a spring adventure!”March 21, the first day of spring! Wonderful things this day will bring.”In this book, Terry Treetop is about to play with a little bear that came into his back yard, when the bear’s mother calls him back to the woods. But something went wrong and the little bear was in danger.Will Terry be able to save the little bear?Will they play together after all?This beginner reader’s eBook, the 5th in the Terry Treetop best sellers series, will teach your child about the signs of spring, and bears that leave their den in this season.Your kids will enjoy full-color illustrations of Terry and the bear cub. This book is written especially for you and your kids aged 2- 8, with simple text and 17 colorful illustrations.The story is suitable as a read aloud book for preschoolers or a self-read book for beginner readers.Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Author: Tali Carmi

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
64 reviews

The Water Lily Fairy: Fairy Tales for Kids – Bedtime Stories for Girls (The Water Lily Fairy – Fairy Book for… by Mary Ann Vitale

The Water Lily Fairy is a story of a fairy who was curious about the people in Corleone, Sicily. She hid as a water lily in a pond among other water lilies. The fairy wanted to do some nice things for those people by showering them with different gifts every day.

Author: Mary Ann Vitale

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
73 reviews

Occult Assassin #1: Damnation Code by William Massa

Driven by vengeance…
One soldier declares war against the forces of darkness.

After a decade spent fighting the enemy abroad and keeping his country safe, Delta Force Operator Mark Talon is ready to settle down with the love of his life. But Talon’s world crumbles when his fiancée becomes the victim of a murderous cult. The military man now has a new foe in his crosshairs, and this promises to be a very different war.

The person responsible for his beloved’s death is a Silicon Valley tycoon allied with the forces of darkness. Fusing cutting-edge computer technology with an ancient evil, the enemy here cannot be stopped by bullets alone. If Talon is to be victorious in his mission of vengeance, he will need to master a new method of warfare — the arcane arts! He must become… the Occult Assassin.

“Occult Assassin moves like a bullet exploding from Talon’s 9mm Glock. ” — Nicholas Sansbury Smith, best-selling author of EXTINCTION HORIZON/ORBS.

The Occult Assassin series evokes the golden age of genre fiction: snappy writing and great plotting, larger than life characters, and a delicious mix of international intrigue and the occult.” — Layton Green, bestselling author of The Dominic Grey series

Occult Assassin Book 2: Apocalypse Soldier –
Occult Assassin #2.5: Ice Shadows (A Novella) –

Occult Assassin Book 3: Spirit Breaker –

Author: William Massa

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
99 reviews